3 Russian Hollywood

Russian Hollywood

One of the major Russian film studios "Mosfilm" always welcomes the visitors to take a tour over it. People
get a chance to have a look at the studio's museum and even some setting constructed for a new movie.
Russian mosfilm museum

40 Russian Movies: the Museum

Russian Movies: the Museum

"Mosfilm" - the composite word made of two Russian words - Moscow and Film - which don't need translation to be understood. Such name was bearing the most popular Soviet movie production company. At that times there were not much of those, and all we controlled by the state and belonged to the state. Soviet bosses allowed big cities to have their own movie studies so they were often having the name of the city/region in its name, that was a
tradition. Besides Mosfilm there were Lenfilm - for Leningrad, Armianfilm for Armenia and etc. The Mosfilm one was one of the most "rich" studios because it was in Moscow where all the necessary Soviet links were connected. So most of the Soviet movie classics come from it. Now it's a fully operating studio too and the owners has opened the museum inside where they collected stuff from old Soviet movies.
Famous comedies become horror 45

14 Comedy Goes Horror

Comedy Goes Horror

"Bridget Jones Diary" Russian Photoshop Masters from lepra.ru decided to imagine how the dvd covers
of famous comedy movies could look if they turned to horror films, or vice versa.
Russian drawing of the movie
21 Paintbrush Movie

Paintbrush Movie

Russian bloggers had something to do lately. The task was simple - to open up MS Paint and draw down some
well-know scene from any popular movie. Hundreds of hand made paint movie scenes, how much can you name?
Russian hummer with graffiti
22 Weird Hummer Graffiti

Weird Hummer Graffiti

They have something weird depicted on
this yellow Russian Hummer.
russian cartoons 1

42 Russian Cartoon Heroes Go Hollywood

Russian Cartoon Heroes Go Hollywood

Some Russian cartoon makers are fond of mixing traditional Russian and
Soviet cartoon heroes with Hollywood scripts. Look what they got.
Russian movies 1

41 Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

Soviet Movies – Hollywood Faces

This time Russian photoshop masters from leprosorium.ru have tried to put faces of
well-known American Hollywood actors upon the scenes of Soviet movie classics.
russian borat-like actor
65 The Borat Vacancy Wannabe

The Borat Vacancy Wannabe

It seems that today we have a "Movie Sunday". This one is about one Russian actor who
wants to repeat the success of Borat. Here is his video CV. Hiring, anyone?
Russian romantic movie shot 1

36 A Romantic Movie

A Romantic Movie

It's a shot from Russian romantic movie.. And
below you can see HOW it was being made:
Scifi movie in modern Russia 1

35 SciFi Movie: Made in Russia

SciFi Movie: Made in Russia

Yes, they make Sci-Fi movies in Russia too. And it looks something like
on those shots. The movie is called "The Populated Island".

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