8 The Place I Live At

The Place I Live At

Russian houses inside are mostly grey and dull. People have nothing interesting to see there when they come back home. An artist from
Astrakhan Boris Chernichenko decided to change this situation and now the eight storey building where he lives looks so good inside!
24 Crazy Apartment Hall

Crazy Apartment Hall

Usual Russian or Ukrainian multi apartment middle class, not new, buildings look like this. You probably can notice those windows are different for everyone. Some have totally new PVC windows, other have self made wooden frames. That's because there are no laws forbidding to change the window frames and paint them for an individual apartment in order to maintain the overall look of the house, so people do this according to their available budget and will. And not only poor people live in such buildings, no. It's really normal place for middle class people to live. So they can spend tens thousands dollars for renovation works, but... inside the apartment so it might look glossy inside but be in such a place from outside. It's totally normal that someone having a Range Rover car can live in such a place. Just because the average price of such an apartment in Moscow would be around $300,000. And it would be considered good buy if it is in good location - not far from the central part of the city etc. They were left as a heritage from the Soviet times when authorities didn't care much on the ethical side of the housing but wanted to give space for as much families as possible, and they gave them away for free, though in order to get one sometime people were staying in waiting lists for years. From inside this buildings look usually like this. There were no special organizations
tracking the condition of the halls, stairways or lobbies so only if the residents of the building were enough organized to plan a renovation then it might look bit different. The lobbies are often occupied by local teens from the neighbourhood as the weather is cold and they can't wander thru the streets and to get inside some cafe you need to order stuff or to be at least some age old etc. Lately people were paying more attention to the condition of such places, equipping the entrances with special steel doors with hardened access and video cams to track unwanted visitors but still there are a lot of places like this, especially in smaller cities. And, again, it is often a place where higher class people live, driving good cars and earning some a few thousands dollars a month. Of course, eventually some of those move to some new construction but it's not that easy too even for them with current property prices in Russia. But what we can see today, is something a very different from which was discussed and showen above. This is just another lobby on the thirteenth floor of such a building, in Ukraine, but there was living a person, a lady, that was bit too much devoted to letting the things leave as they were. What to she has turned their hall you can see inside...
23 About Windows, Not “Windows”

About Windows, Not “Windows”

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “windows”? Of course, you recollect Bill Gates, his Microsoft guys and their perpetration. Only after that you might remember some wood-and-glass, PVC
or fiberglass hole in the wall behind your back. Or might not. Anyway, today I want to mull over these, traditional windows, or as they are called sometimes, “the eyes of the house”.
Russian house

27 The Story of the One House

The Story of the One House

This letter was sent by the dwellers of this house to the local newspaper of some Russian town. "Dear Sirs, We are writing to your newspaper to inform about the situation taking place with the building in which we live. Since 2007 we pay higher fees for the communal services, but instead
of getting better service and/or getting our problems fixed we are getting it even worse now. " ...then there comes a big list of the problems they are having, but it's better to see that on the photos together with some more excerpts from the letter.
Russian house got showered
12 The Building Shower

The Building Shower

Sometimes the buildings need showers too. In this case the underground high pressure water pipes come in very handy. When they become too
worn out they demand some attention and complain about this to houses in a furious fountain way. There is a video inside too.
Russian house

11 Shed House

Shed House

One might think this houses in Smolensk city, Russia are preparing for their summer skin shedding, and become more brown. In reality that's how the local house maintainers are making
houses coldproof. They just put raw PU foam on the walls, around the flats and with some time the fawn-coloured foam starts looking like this brownish substance.
Russian wooden architecture 1

76 Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

Photos of the old Siberian houses and
especially the wood carved windows.
Old Russian Luxury Houses 1

29 Old Russian Luxury Houses

Old Russian Luxury Houses

If nowadays rich Russians prefer red-brick houses of strange design, many years ago some other fashion was ruling the minds of Russian high society. It was a unique to Russia style of building large
wooden houses of genuine Russian design. They had an ability to build houses from stone, like in Europe, but preferred wood on purpose, they liked wood, the feeling of the wooden house.
Russian Pyramids 1

55 Russian Pyramids

Russian Pyramids

We have received a few reports lately about Russian people from different parts of Russia building many feet tall pyramid like structures. We don't know exact reasons for the to do this, but some of them say they believe in unknown powers that can be drawn down to the Earth with the help of pyramids,
giving supernatural powers to the owners of the pyramids like the ideal health or even immortality, at least this is what they say themselves. Here we have photos and videos from the three of different pyramid sights in modern Russia. All the structures are around hundred feet tall!
heavy fire took place in Vladivostok 1

16 Heavy Fire in Vladivostok

Heavy Fire in Vladivostok

This incident took place in Vladivostok at 21st of July. The most interesting in this story is that the covering of this building, called Atlantis, was made from the usual foam
plastic. Fortunately, the building has not been inhabited yet so there are no victims. See also: Traffic Jam In Vladivostok Snowy Vladivostok A Story of One Fire

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