Russian medieval fight

28 Medieval Fight

Medieval Fight

Another Russian fun to dress into the medieval Russian warriors, then build some castles of wood logs and play real time 3d strategies,
without using computers, but with real iron weapons. Some parties also use fire to burn the castle down and occupy it.

12 Kiev: Now and Then

Kiev: Now and Then

I personally like those kind of artworks, when photos of one place now and then are carefully merged. We had sometime ago
brilliant set of St. Petersburg during the WW2 photos combined with present ones. Now alike photos from Kiev city.
Russian space key
21 Rocket Key

Rocket Key

What you see here is obviously key. What differs this particular one from some other key is that with a turn of this key the most powerful machine built by human genius in our modern times was awaken to life. This is the key from Russian space rockets, thousand
tons monsters carrying tons of cargo weight to the Russian space station "MIR" which is sunk in pacific now. Such keys were a real artefact amongst engineers participating in the launches and there was a long line of those who wanted to
Russia from 1989 to 1993
37 1989-1993


That is Russia back from 1989 to 1993, the end of
Soviet Empire, the beginning of freedom.
First Soviet Russian bulb
29 First Soviet Bulb

First Soviet Bulb

This is how the first Soviet Russian bulbs looked liked. They had the Stalin and Lenin half-face cut as a glower and were considered to be a very classy present - the first of the series were
presented to the delegates of Soviet parliament of 1935. Nowadays they are considered to be an awesome antique gadget and for sale in Moscow antique shops for around $2,000.
20 Future Face of Gagarin

Future Face of Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, first Russian cosmonaut, you probably know him. People from Latvia know him too, they say that during the Soviet Times Russian authorities wanted to rename Latvian capital city Riga after Yuri Gagarin to Gagarin city, but they didn't for some reason. So they decided to commemorate the glory of the hero in bit different way. They have made a monument of Gagarin, but
not just a monument. Yuri tragically died in plane accident during the test flights he participated in while on his service in Russian army in his young age. Latvian monument builders decided to imagine what if he didn't die how he could like at his 70s and built such a monument which tends to look how Yuri Gagarin could look in his old ages. You can see it below:
Russian city after war
38 Story of one Photo

Story of one Photo

This shot was one of the most famous shots made by Russian photographers during World War 2. It was made in the ruins of Stalingrad city - the place where the most heavy city battles took place. Some historians say that after those battles near Staliningrad the Nazi invasion of Russia broke down.
The monument itself depicts Russian children dancing around a crocodile, looking so unreal with the traces of bullets on the sculptures and the burning ruins on the background. Later, after the war the monument was rebuilt, even earlier than surrounding buildings.
Tallest Russian tower, Ostankino tower is being built
43 Building Tallest Tower

Building Tallest Tower

The Ostankino tower, built in Moscow in 1967, was built for four years and after it was completed became the word's tallest man made structure. Also it was the world's first building exceeding 500m tall. It stayed the tallest structure in the world for 9 years, and for 42 more years as the tallest
structure in Europe. Those are photos of how it was built. It weights more than 32 thousand tons. It has two "enemies" - the Sun and win. Due to wind its top can fluctuate for 10 meters (33 feet) and due to Sun heating it from one side it can also move to 2.2m (6.6 feet).
11 Russian Wireless Phone from 1958

Russian Wireless Phone from 1958

This is and excerpt from the article of Russian newspaper back from 1958. It tells that: "Young Soviet engineer has assembled a wireless phone that can be connected to the city phone line via 'electro-magnetic' waves. The new model of his phone has a size not more than two cigarette boxes and weights 500g (together with the battery), thanks to this the device can be widely used not only for organizations but also for the personal use. Using this pocket radio phone anyone can call landline number from wherever he is and also he can be called by any landline user." It sounds bit naive these days, but if back in 1958 it could be
really innovative and advanced, especially for a Soviet Russian citizen who was not got used to a gadget abundance. Russian authorities didn't let this happen, the device was not in mass production, and was not available for general public, probably for security and censorship reasons states had in mind, so Russian people had a chance to get the personal mobile phone only after Soviet Union collapsed - just 20 years ago first cell phones and other modification of mobile devices appeared on sale in Russia. On photo there is that "Young Soviet engineer together with his phone".
60 Soviet Prices

Soviet Prices

In Soviet Russia dollar exchange rate was established by the state and was 1 dollar for 63 Russian copecks, or 1 American dollar for 0.63 Russian ruble. What could the Foreigners coming to Russia afford? Here is the short review for the prices at that times in American dollars: Small loaf - $0.11 Bread - $0.30 Cigarettes (Bulgarian, Eastern European) - $0.83 Cigarettes imported Marlboro - $2.50 Eggs (10 pieces) - $1.66 Ice-cream $0.25 Chocolate bar (0.22 pound) 100g - $1.33 Milk 1 liter (32 fl. oz) - $0.76 Cheese (2.2 pounds - 1kg) $3.66 Recycled glass bottle - $0.16 Salt (2.2 pounds pack) - $0.16 Potatos (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $0.41 Cucumbers (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $1.16 Tape cassette recorder, Russian make - $241.00 Acoustic guitar, Russian make - $41.00 Parker pen with a golden feather - $8.33 Beer, Russian make, 16 fl.oz. (half liter) bottled - $0.66 Beef, (2.2 pounds) 1 kilo - $3.16 (also standing in line for two hours and not more than 5
pounds in one hands) Vodka "Stolichnaya", 16 fl.oz (half liter) bottled - $6.66 Wine red, white - $1.36 Sparkling wine - $6.95 Car, Soviet make, ZAZ - $5800 Boxer's gloves $15.8 City bus $0.08 Flight Moscow-Kazakhstan $106 Small tape recorder, Russian make $160 Levi's jeans, smuggled, sold at black market $416 Sweet beets $0.10 Sugar (2.2 pounds - 1kg) $1.30 Matches box $0.01 (often used as a change in shops when there was shortage of the small coins) Sewing machine $97.00 Bicycle $80 Carpet, oriental style, Russian make, 10ft (3 meteres) long - $53 Wrist watches, Russian make $88 Electric shaver, Russian make $23 Piano $876 Fridge, Russian make - $250 Photo camera, Russian - $100 Vaccuum cleaner, Russian - $70 By the way, average Russian salary for someone like an office worker or a construction worker was around $200/month.

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