Skyscrapers of Moscow

40 The Seven Sisters Project

The Seven Sisters Project

„Seven sister project” in Moscow is one of most ambitious projects in mid-20th century. Between 1947 and 1953 on the orders
of Jozef Stalin they built seven similar skyscrapers that were meant to be rivals to USA’s skyscrapers.
16 Some Facts on the Kremlin

Some Facts on the Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is a very old historic fortified complex at the very heart of Moscow and it has four palaces, four cathedrals, the well-known Kremlin Wall around it and great Kremlin towers. The complex used to be an official residence of the head of Russia when Moscow was its capital and is now the
government’s headquarters. Several structures were built in stone at the behest of Ivan Kalita in the late 1320s and early 1330s, and then the construction of churches began. At first the great wall was wooden, but to protect the area from fire it was demolished and the stone wall appeared.
Oldest Nuclear Power Plant

26 The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

The World’s First Nuclear Power Plant

We all got used to the nuclear power plants, even if having some precautions of the phenomena itself they look like have been here for quite a while. But when did this nuclear energy extraction thing has started? The first nuclear power plant has been built in Russia or Soviet Union as it was called at that times. It has been built in high hush-hush mode, even the construction workers on site didn't know what exactly they were doing there. Then on June 27th, 1954 Russian radio stations knocked
over their listeners across the vast country and worldwide when they broadcasted the news like "In Soviet Union, thanks to the joint effort of scientists and engineers the construction of the world's first nuclear power plant with an output power of 5000 kW. The power plant construction has been completed and already produced electricity for the local Soviet agricultural objects". Today let's see how this shrine of nuclear power looks in our days.
12 Money of the Revolution

Money of the Revolution

During the Civil War in Russia more than 3000 various denominations were issued, they were valid and accepted either over the whole territory of the former empire or in some of its regions.
Some of the currency notes were really incredible and some were simply weird. Their names related to the area where they were used or to the names of local government’s heads.

26 The greatest propaganda journal of the USSR

The greatest propaganda journal of the USSR

Late 1929. The young Soviet Empire was just getting to its giant feet. Bitterness and tears of the WWI and the Civil War were already behind. The civilized and developed countries were looking at the newly emerged country in a very intent and examining way, trying to predict what this dark horse could come up with on the political map of the half-ruined world. In
Germany National Socialist German Workers' Party headed by Hitler was growing in leaps and bounds, The Triple Entente’s former allies were keeping their eyes wide open as well. That was the right time to convince the world that the new country, formed on the basis of torn and suffering Russia, had new heroes and new achievements.
Old Russian radars in Latvia

25 Soviet Radio Telescopes

Soviet Radio Telescopes

Somewhere between Ventspils and Kolka cape in Latvia (ex-Soviet country) is located two radio telescopes (also known as "zvjozdachka" - the star), that in those days were one of most secret elements in soviet army. There are two antennas left – RT-32 (main
dish is 32 meters in diameter) and RT-16 (16 meters). The smallest one – RT-10 – was taken away when soviet soldiers left Latvia in 90-ies. With those antennas Russian forces were able to spy phone calls everywhere they wanted.
Old Russian vynyl discs

58 Soviet Russian Album Covers

Soviet Russian Album Covers

In Soviet Russia album covers... well you can figure out yourself how to say it cool after getting
a look on more than 70 different sometimes very funny Soviet vynyl covers art.
Russian Terminator

37 Russian Terminator

Russian Terminator

Did you know that initially the terminator robot was built by Soviet soldiers during World War2. The construction operation was held on the secret army base, on
the wooden table between Russian tanks. Even back there he already looked like Arnie. Don't believe? We have photo report from back then.
Russia at war

43 WW2 Aerial Shots

WW2 Aerial Shots

Shots mainly made by "Luftwaffe" pilots during WW2
while flying over Russian cities.
Russian space museum 1

36 The Russian Space Museum

The Russian Space Museum

How about paying a visit to Russian Space exploration museum? If it seems like a good idea then come inside for it. The Yuri Gagarin greats your in the hall and invites to see seventy more photos of what inside. This is the
world's first biological satellite, in which Russian dog "Laika" has made its first flight in 1957. It's of actual size on display. And here her colleague "Belka". And Belka's partner "Strelka".

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