Russian girl sells coat 1

15 Selling Her Coat

Selling Her Coat

This Russian girl decided to sell her coat on the Internet auction, ebay like system of Russia. After posting her ad she also
attached a photo, and that photo turned instantly into meme across Russian Internet. The photo itself is below.
Russian Children 1

71 Russian Girl Katya

Russian Girl Katya

This scanned book is being popular among the Russian bloggers lately, the links circulate among people and appear here and there. This book is one from the series, called
something like "Children of the World". This one is devoted to Russian girl Katya, her everyday life and activities she experience. And yes, the captions are in English.
the seal as a pet in Russia 1

71 A Seal As a Pet

A Seal As a Pet

Some Russian girls had a bear as a pet, but this one has a real seal as her home animal. She
feeds it, goes for a walk with it and gives it to swim in her bath to feel like home.

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