7 Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

This is the Russian north, the Arkhangelsk Region, where asphalted roads are not typical. According to blogger muph, it is always nice to be there. The Oshevensky tract stretches from Kargopol to Oshevensk. Kargopol is a big city (compared to
others in the north), while Oshevensk is actually a bunch of villages united under the same title - Oshevenskoye. This place is undoubtedly another treasure of genuine beauty of Russian nature and old Russian architecture at its best.
Russian recipe - potato roses

13 Potato Roses

Potato Roses

Russian cuisine can help you fascinate your guests with some weird picks of it. Like those potato
chips roses can be easily cooked and put on the table as a wicked thing to taste.
Russian pierogi

11 Toffee Pierogi

Toffee Pierogi

Want to know a trick letting Russian
maids cook tasty toffee pierogi?
Russian cheburek

57 The Cheburek

The Cheburek

In Russia you often can see small kiosks selling hot food. For many years of Soviet rain it was not hotdogs or hamburgers. Such western dishes stayed unknown to Russian people. Instead they were eating the dishes that even can't be translated but should be named with their original Russian names, such as "Chebureks" "Belyash" or "Hichin". Mostly those were fried small patties with various feelings and were adored by almost any Russian. They didn't know the term "vegetarian" at that times in Russia too, and
nobody cared. Though there were many urban legends that it's a good chance to buy a cheburek made of stray dogs or cats, pigeons or even rats. You could say "those rumours were spread by the competitors", but there were no any, in Soviet times. People often told that even many of the famous Russian fur hats were made of the fur of poor stray animals. Anyways, here is the story of one Cheburek, how it is usually cooked by one of the modern famous Russian cooks.
Russian cooked beaver
51 Russian Cooked Beaver

Russian Cooked Beaver

In Russia men eat beavers. That's not what you might thought about, I mean they EAT BEAVERS. Just first go to the forest, get some fat nice beavers the way other hunters catch hares or let's say birds then
cook it and eat. They say it's very tasty and can be cooked just like some other meat. If you are not ready to see a beaver preparation process then better now look below this jump.
Russian drink
45 Russian Honey Drink

Russian Honey Drink

For hundreds of years there was a tradition in Russia to make speical drink from honey and hop plant. It is a low-alcohol drink, that was sometimes mentioned by famous Russian classic authors too. They say that before the wedding all the members of the family helped to prepare a good stock of this honey drink for the marrying pare. Then during the wedding and 30 days after the married couple had to drink only this beverage - no any other was allowed. So the
honeymoon was called in Russia after an actual honey drink. The recipe itself is easy. First they boild a water in the pan, then add there enough honey, then after sometime some very small quantity of hop plant is being added and then, it's being take from the fire, put aside to calm down and then the yeast is added. That's all, after five days they have a true Russian drink that is even stronger just a regular beer.
Russian coffin shaped resaurant in Ukraine 1

32 Coffin Shaped Restaurant

Coffin Shaped Restaurant

"Be seated in the free coffin of your choice", this is how visitors are
being greeted in this new coffin-shaped restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine.
Russian cuisine 1

109 Modern Russian Cuisine: The Starters

Modern Russian Cuisine: The Starters

We often get emails from people asking to cover something from the famous Russian cuisine.
Well, here is an example of the modern Russian cuisine, of its starter dishes.
cake art 1

267 Cake Art

Cake Art

All you see below are cakes that can be eaten without any part of it left. No plastics or any other
artificial stuff is being used - everything is eatable. All this cakes by Zhanna from St. Petersburg.
russian pancakes 1

21 Pancakes for Junkies?

Pancakes for Junkies?

Some people say that drug addictions can be cured, but the most hard of the healing process is the substitute. A person cannot find a substitute for the
accessories he is got used while being on drugs. So maybe making such pancakes Russian style can be a perfect substitute for people in need?

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