Russian computer tips

31 Two Russian Notebook Uses

Two Russian Notebook Uses

Here are two tips from Russian bloggers that were pretty popular in Russia, and might be of some use for someone not in Russia too. Both of them involve computers in some bit not common way.
The first one is about how the small-sized laptop could be used to check if your microwave oven has enough shielding to protect you from dangerous microwave radiation.
Russian Mobile Computer
42 The Mobile Computer

The Mobile Computer

When the recession reaches it's most coarse drastic form and the consumption would aim for zero point values, then all the Asian production would stop causing so much chaos there. That means for us that no cheap consumer electronics would be made. Still some middle-class proffesionals would need a
mobile computer to be carried with them on their job tasks, so anyone would be able to make a mobile computer like this. It's durable, lasting doesn't attract much attention and still it's a mobile computer! Some people in Russia has already started making some.
 how to make rather compact notebook from a personal computer 1

37 Making PC into Notebook

Making PC into Notebook

Russian engineers learned how to make rather compact notebook from a personal computer.
All what you need is a reliable monitor. Now they want to put it in production.
first russian mobile phone
34 First Russian Mobile Phone

First Russian Mobile Phone

 This is the photo of the first Soviet cellular phone. The development of such devices has started in 1958 as a cooperative project by the group of the Soviet scientists from different cities. It was a fully functional mobile phone that was placed in the car of the
Soviet elite. It had a full duplex link and in order to dial a phone one had just pick up the receiver and dial a number using this big square buttons with letters and digits on them. On the first models there were even old-style round dial.
first russian computer mice collection
31 The Manipulator For Graphical Information

The Manipulator For Graphical Information

Do you remember the first Russian laptop? Here come the first Russian mice. The design is alike, it should be classy things at that time, 16-17 years ago. Which one do you like the most? Thanks to the collector Sergei Frolov, for sharing with us such rare photos.
This mice were used by Soviet computer users in 1986-1994 while probably creating some new sort of "MIR" space station, which was never built though. What pitty. So, the mice: The cord is nice, nowadays the fashion for such cords return.
first russian laptop elektronika
29 First Russian Laptop

First Russian Laptop

This is first Russian laptop, made under the brand "Elektronika". The production started in 1991 and lasted not very long due to the high price of the device - none of the common people could afford themselves such
devices. The price for the computer was around $6000, that equals 25,000 roubles according to that time's exchange rate, when the average salary across the country was 500 roubles (50 times less!).

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