20 Russian Cities In the XIX Century

Russian Cities In the XIX Century

A huge collection of pictures of
Russian cities in the 19th century.
11 1985-1990: In the Union Of Trams

1985-1990: In the Union Of Trams

One unusual traveller from the Netherlands was obsessed with trams. But today,
together with those trams, we can see fragments of past reality.
22 Top 10 Things To Do In Lvov

Top 10 Things To Do In Lvov

Lvov- is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine with a historical part that is comparable to an open air museum. No wonder the Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave the city the title of the Cultural Capital of Ukraine. The historical center is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. It is not surprising that the
city has the largest number of monuments in Ukraine, counting from the sublime "Royal City" to the strange "Bandershtadt". It is a wonderful city where anyone can find something interesting for himself. Here are a few things one must do or take part in when visiting Lvov - The City of Lions.
22 After 20-Minute Rain

After 20-Minute Rain

Lately considerable sums have been appropriated for roads repair in many Russian cities. However it seems
things haven't got forward an inch... The roads of the city of Pskov after 20-minute rain...

11 Colorful St. Petersburg of 1931

Colorful St. Petersburg of 1931

You have already seen the photos of the Moscow of 1931. And now it's time to show you the pictures of St. Petersburg that were shot by
the same traveller in the same year. Later they were colored with acrylic paints. Check out, the result is really beautiful!
7 Cold Snowy Novosibirsk From Above

Cold Snowy Novosibirsk From Above

Pictures of one of the frostiest Russian
cities taken from its highest buildings.
11 Severe Arctic Murmansk

Severe Arctic Murmansk

Welcome to Murmansk - one of the major Russian seaports and the
world's biggest city situated north of the Arctic circle.
13 Assorted Russia, Part 12

Assorted Russia, Part 12

The following portion of interesting and
strange things from the wonderland called
Rostov Flood 1

17 Flood in Rostov

Flood in Rostov

Flooding Europe means flooding Russia too, as there is a significant part of Russia lays in Europe, so we had some water shots
from the Russian cities and they keep coming - meet Rostov-on-Don - the capital of Russian south as some call it.
Russian city Norilsk

36 All Your Palladium Belongs to Us

All Your Palladium Belongs to Us

This is Norilsk city. Located in Russian Siberia this city hosts the biggest in Russia factory producing "rare" metals. It is even can be called a world leader when speaking about the worldwide production share it contributes. That's like 35% of palladium production, 25% of platinum, 20% of nickel, 10% of cobalt that are being made in modern world come from Norilsk, which makes it having number one of such kind factories in Russia. The price they pay for this is that 2% of total world CO2 production is coming from this city too. The area of 100 000 hectares (50,000 acres) around the city is
consists of burned down forests. It was widely recognized one of the worst ecology city in the world and the average life expectancy is ten years less than the average values across the Russia. Those photos were made there this May, and as you can see that's not a warmest place in the world too. It's common to have the snow in May out there. But life is still going on. More than 160,000 people live there today, and children of the city still think that their place is the best place in the world, as we all someday thought back in our childhood.

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