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32 No Smoking Please [updated]

No Smoking Please [updated]

Well, probably one of the most creative ways to break persons will for smoking is being implemented in Russia. Sometimes when one's buying his next pack of Winston he is
under the risk of not being satisfied. At least in some Russian cities such cigarettes that are not suitable for smoking are on sale and any smoker can fail now.
collection of the old soviet cigarettes 1

56 Soviet Cigarettes Collection

Soviet Cigarettes Collection

One of our visitors from the USA has wrote in his blog, that "...the USSR was a parallel universe, sort of like Superman’s Bizarro World. Everything was backwards to our own Western society". And of course, it's quite right. The Soviet Union was an alternative to the Western world with Russian (not English)
language as international. Every aspect of life was different. As for trade, any goods from the Western countries were mostly forbidden. For example, people smoked only Soviet cigarettes. Just imagine it, no Marlboro, no Camel, no Winston.... Now we can only look at those pictures below.