Russian Painted Cars 22
1 Some Photos from an Aerography Contest in Moscow [photos]

Some Photos from an Aerography Contest in Moscow [photos]

A new event took place some days ago in Moscow held by
people who think that factory painted car is a dull thing.
20 Russian Police in LA!

Russian Police in LA!

When you see something spelled like "МИЛИЦИЯ" be sure it means POLICE in Russian. People used to see those a lot on Russian police cars etc. Of course, they used to see this in Russia, on Russian soil. Then, some enthusiasts tried to imagine what it would be like if the Russian POLICE went to chase the criminals on American soil. They tried to inject Russian speed police cars into action games such as GTA so that it could cruise the sunny palm beach landscapes
bearing cyrillic "МИЛИЦИЯ" logos. And it all seemed so unreal at that time. Unless recently. Here we go, full time operational Russian "МИЛИЦИЯ" Police car down there on the streets of LA. Equipped with a Russian-style full size blue light flasher (see on top of the car) and California road permits and car plates, this Russian police vehicle can successfully chase the suspects on the streets of SoCal.
27 Look, I Pimped My VAZ!

Look, I Pimped My VAZ!

    A lot of people grin when they hear the words 'pimp' and 'VAZ'
in the same sentence. What emotions do you feel when you see this?
12 Chasing the Police

Chasing the Police

In Soviet Russia it's all upside down. Guys on Golden BMW Suv chase the road police Mercedes making
him breaking the rules many times and risking the road security. See the video down there:
7 News From Russian Roads, Part 27

News From Russian Roads, Part 27

Not only icicles fall from
the roofs in Russia...
11 News From Russian Roads, Part 26

News From Russian Roads, Part 26

Another part of everybody's
beloved automotive news.
10 News From Russian Roads – Part 10

News From Russian Roads – Part 10

Here is a Russian factory of
sport cars hand assembling.
11 Caught on Fire

Caught on Fire

When there are forest fires around you better stay home. This video shows how tough it might be when the car full of
youngsters gets right in the middle of the burning spot during recent forest fires, filmed from inside.
Russian Rolls Royce

27 From Toys to Royce

From Toys to Royce

When passing thru Russian suburbs on a train you might have a rare chance to see $450,000 Rolls Royce Centurion car resting crashed on a railways sidewalk among
the common for such places trash and tires, like an unwanted toy that is not interesting for the kid left in the dark corner of the yard.
Russian Lada car in ice  1

10 Ice Cube Lada

Ice Cube Lada

When those Russian men went fishing they were not expecting to see their Lada Niva in an ice cube some hours later. When
the frosts are strong it's not very much time needed to freeze the whole car into a solid ice rock.

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