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23 The Sword of Victory

The Sword of Victory

These days there were huge celebrations for the Victory Day - the annual date when they mark the victory of Russia in World War 2. In Russia people got really amused when someone tells them that World War 2 was won by allies. Every Russia, from schoolboy to oldest granddad know that the World War 2 victory is Russian. So right after the war ended the decided to commemorate the victory in art too. They wanted to erect something as big as never was done before. So the idea came to
someone to build not one but a chain of monuments and place them in different locations to shock the imagination of people with the scale of this creation. And so it has been done. Three huge tall monuments were build in three locations - from Ural mountains in the central Russia to Berlin, Germany. All three monuments were connected by one item. It was a huge metal sword of victory. Let's go inside to see all three in detail.
Russian parade

21 Parade Wars

Parade Wars

Some Russian people have their own look at
parade pics. via tebe-interesno
Russian parade in Moscow

92 The Parade 2009

The Parade 2009

Since the World War 2 was over there has been a tradition in Russia to conduct Russian Army Parades on the Red Square in Moscow. They have selected the best of the best soldiers from all the country to participate, the best armaments to show and it was rehearsed many times starting month or two before. Then in 1990s, when economic situation was not too good in Russia, there was a number 50th parade at the Red Square, in 1995. After that parade there was officially announced that now,
after 50 years has passed since the end of the war, this day would not be celebrated in such the grand manner. That meant no more mighty parades in future, no technics, just some soldiers marching. Well, I can't remember, why they changed their mind later, as far as I remember first year they kept the word and the parade was really minimalistic. But now the parades are triumphal again, here are some shots from the rehearsal of the upcoming event.
World's Biggest Submarine - Russian Submarine Typhoon
160 Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

This is submarine "Typhoon" as it was called in NATO documents or "Shark" as it was called in Russia. It is considered to be the biggest submarine in the world, with over than 170 meters (515 feet) long and 23 meter (70 feet) wide. It can carry 20 ballistic nuclear
missiles and there were only six of those built. Only 3 left intact, but are staying now out of service with armament control blocks detached according to the agreement between USSR and USA signed by M. Gorbachev. Without those they are way too peaceful.
Russian navy comics
14 Russian Navy Comics

Russian Navy Comics

Meet this series of Russian comics describing the everyday life of Russian
navy submarine as seen by the eyes of the ex-Russian marine captain.
Russian Ekranoplanes at rest
26 “Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

“Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

We wrote about Russian "Ekranoplanes" here. Here is one of them caught on the rest, maybe that's his last stop so
on eternal rest. There is also a submarine on the last photo. Is it watching so nobody disturbed them?
Russian abandoned towns
46 Dead Towns of Kola

Dead Towns of Kola

Kola peninsula is a cape in North-Western Russia. This region borders Norway and Finland and has direct access to the Northern Ocean. Because of it's prevailing strategic position it was valued much by Russian army and hundreds of army bases were placed on the peninsula. During 1990s Russian army got tremendous budget cut off and had to cut its costs. One of the way to save for the army was to give up some bases and concentrate bases from bordering locations to one. So it was done and many of the army bases were abandoned. Then the other way to reduce costs was to pay less to the personnel, so during 1990s many Russian soldiers and officers had to give up Army service cause they couldn't sustain normal living from it.
Especially at the Northern territories where it was impossible to keep natural living sources like gardens or domestic animals. People naturally fled from North. The apartments prices were falling down at just lightning speed rates, going to as low as $2000 for a 4 room flat, and then it all finished up with hundreds of residential multi-stored houses stayed abandoned with no occupancy. Army has built a lot of small cities during the Soviet period around its military objects. Those were left first. Now tens of such towns stay all across Kola Peninsula not visited, not inhabited. Here are just some photos from the empty streets of Kola Peninsula Ex-Army Town.
Russian mig jets factory
97 The Mig Factory

The Mig Factory

Russian MIGs are the most famous Russian jets. They were in production since 1959. They become true legend of Russian aviation and were exported to many countries. Sometimes they were used to fight against American or French jet fighters like in Vietnam
or in Israel. Mig factory was always top secret place during the Soviet Times. Such photos like we are having here today were impossible to make or publish at that times. But not now. So this is how Russian legend is being born.
Russian mobile nuclear station
66 Russian Mobile Nuclear Power Plants

Russian Mobile Nuclear Power Plants

Not many know, but Russian engineers have constructed the mobile nuclear power plants that were sucessfully used in distant parts of Russia. Those were small sized self moving fully functional atomic power
plants with a small reactor inside. Just imagine, small nuclear power plants that could reach the destination points by themselves. There were two basic models - tracked and on regular wheels.
Abandoned Russian army scrap metal
75 Chernobyl Scrap Metal

Chernobyl Scrap Metal

Hundreds of pieces of Russian army hardware is left on the small field right near to Chernobyl. All this machinery has participated in Chernobyl accident
liquidation and is radioactive from top to toe. Now it dies out under the open skies of deserted Chernobyl. You can get a Google Sat view of it too here.

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