55 Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

Russia’s Used-to-Be Marine Forces

A great nation with an even greater heritage of its own. And I don’t even mean the cultural heritage but the military heritage that the Soviet Union had left behind to be heartily embosomed by successors of the fortune. Country that is half encircled by the sea and that has
always been a high-shot in the top of sea-lover countries gradually (well, it could has also been ‘rapidly,’ cause no matter what it doesn’t inflict a wrench to the story) began striking aground in terms of its marine power without even anchoring it.
kacha 1
14 Kachinsky Air Garrison

Kachinsky Air Garrison

In Ukraine, Crimea, not so far from Sevastopol, in the village of Kacha lots of different air fleet species draw their duty. They are amphibian aircrafts BE-12, military cargo planes AN-26, search-and-rescue helicopters KA-27PS as
well as antisubmarine KA-27PL ones. And though many of them are 40 odd years old, they are battle-ready night and day and eager to attain any combat task in the territory of the Black Sea, and, in particular, Crimea.
57 Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

Russian and Somali are NOT Brothers for Ever

A fresh catch of Russian navy - a bot full of Somali pirates in the open seas. "Why do you lie to me, huh?" - American English is the language that use Russian
marines speaking to Somali pirate, thus making it in parts perfectly understandable. And now you can see it too, with this leaked video tape piece.
Army units near Moscow 1

57 Military Units near Moscow City

Military Units near Moscow City

One Russian blogger has spotted tens of army heave machinery units, tanks and ballistic missiles parked
in the temporary camp that was overnight built near Moscow city suburb "Khodynskoe". o
Ekranoplan 2
68 Ekranoplan


1987 was the year when the first 350 tons ground effect "ship" from the series of Soviet battle missile carriers was produced. It was called Lun after the Russian name for a bird of prey - hen harrier. Another name for this vehicle was Project 903. It carried 6 Moskit cruise missiles (SS-N-22 Sunburn in NATO
classification). Hitting four of them causes inevitable sinking of a vessel of any know type and size. The second Lun-class battle aircraft was supposed to be produced in several years but due to the end of cold war and partial disarmament the project was changed to a rescue aircraft and it was never finished.
Russian soldiers are wtf

18 Soldiers of WTF

Soldiers of WTF

In order to serve in Belarussian special forces people have to be champions in WTF sports. Just to name some: they need to be able play football (soccer) while
playing solo on an electric guitar, or to run good result ski race on paved road without any ice or snow on its surface. Can you do that, soldier?!
Russian fun
32 Smash it With Showel and More

Smash it With Showel and More

A secret document has leaked revealing some of the inner directives of one of the military agencies. It reveals the exact information on how to fight and intercept latest stealth jets of enemy states. We've got our copy here and translated those. Title says: "Hit with showel all the weak spots of F117".  Then more detailed instructions go: "Hit the navigation
dashboard and armaments controls with a showel." "Hit the pilots place." "By hitting the surface of the plane with a showel you make the anti-radar stealth surface damaged" "Put the small stones inside the engines with a showel". I don't know guys, maybe someone can use that, so we published. Inside we have one more infographics.
Russian or not Russian? 1

83 Russian or Not Russian?

Russian or Not Russian?

A great list of objects that in Russia are used to be accepted as
genuinely Russian made, but seems that not. Or who's copying who?

48 Missile Forces Museum

Missile Forces Museum

There is a unique museum located on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and to be more precise, in Ukraine. In the museum there are displayed many exhibits of Strategic Missile Forces. There is no other museum of such kind in
the whole world; except one that is located in the USA, but tourists are not allowed there and all the guided tours are prohibited. On this photo you can see intercontinental ballistic missile CC-18 “Satan.”
Polar bears on Russian submarine

38 Polar Bears Prefer Bread

Polar Bears Prefer Bread

Russian sailors serving on submarines has noticed interesting fact - the most preferred food for polar bears is bread, they like it very much, just look on those photos, how they risking their lives jump
from one ice piece to another to get closer to the submarine and ask some more of this when the submarine appears on the surface of the cold polar ocean breaking the thin ice apart.

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