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31 Soviet War Games

Soviet War Games

War games were quite usual and sometimes even obligatory thing in Soviet Union both for children (pioneers) and for adults. "Zarnitsa" (sheet lightning) was the most widespread and famous one, when a big
group of people was divided into two confronting teams. The aim was to capture a flag, "secret" documents or army headquarters. Here are some historical photos. It looks like a real war.
photos from Military-historical museum of  armored vehicles and armament of Main auto-tank directorate of Defense ministry of Russian Federation 1

26 Museum of Armored Vehicles Near Moscow

Museum of Armored Vehicles Near Moscow

While staying in Russia don't forget to visit Military-historical museum of armored vehicles and armament of Main auto-tank directorate of Defense ministry of Russian Federation, known as "Kubinka" and located in Odintsovo district near Moscow. The official web site says that the "museum presents the unique, world's biggest
collection of armored vehicles starting from WWI first constructions to modern main battle tanks. Collection was founded in 1931 and is still growing with new battlefield findings and army write-offs, with present-day count of more than 300 vehicles". Here are some examples of the exhibits.
tank stuck in mud in Russia 1

26 The Stuck Tank

The Stuck Tank

Yesterday we had some Russian mudding, when people on purpose come out of the good roads to mud. This time those soldiers
were moving across some Russian village and even didn't come out from the good road but also got stuck and
Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre 1

55 Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre

Abanoned Military Signal Office Centre

The Soviet Era has left the world many military objects that came out of use and now stay abandoned, like this old military signal office centre. See also: Abandoned Anti-Aircraft
Missile Launching Site Another Abandoned Military Aircraft Old Aircraft-Carrier Helicopter in the Forest Murmansk Military Objects Abandoned Russian Planes
Russian spiral space shuttle 2

55 First Space Shuttle Ever

First Space Shuttle Ever

What you see here is what had to be the first space shuttle ever. Twenty two years before first Russian space shuttle "Buran" or 10 years before the first American shuttle Soviets projected and built manned spaceship aircraft that could land from the orbit by itself. It had space only for one pilot
and was more rather a proof of concept for the spacecraft that can land as a normal plane. It is not very clear these days if this one had any successful launches and landings just because all the projects was classified, but still there are photos of it now and then.
Soviet Uniform Caps Collection
23 Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

Soviet Uniform Caps Collection

As we've already told, the USSR was a military state. So not even militants, but workers of the various civil departments, like taxi drivers or wood cutters, should wear military alike uniform in a case of sudden war with
the enemies of socialism. Even workers of sobering-up stations (special places where drunk people of Russia picked up from the streets were delivered for compulsory medical treatment) had their own uniform.
Russian abanoned SAM site 3

64 Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

Abandoned Anti-Aircraft Missile Launching Site

After the Cold War was over many SAM sites became unnecessary and were left
abandoned by Russian army, like this one in Pechora region, deep inside woods.
Russian UFO tank 1

34 Russian UFO Tank

Russian UFO Tank

Some say that after a Roswell crash US government has obtained some UFO technologies and concealed it. Seems there was another Roswell like crash in Russia and they obtained UFO parts
to but not concealed them but mounted on some tanks, like on this one called "Object 288" and it was produced only once exclusively, without going into series...
Military drop of kamaz truck 1

19 The Flying KAMAZ

The Flying KAMAZ

In our recent publications we've already told, that the first KAMAZ model (Kamsky car factory) was developed by ZIL car factory in the late 70s. Since then KAMAZ trucks have become widely used in the most different fields. For example, it is the most popular truck among common Russian
truckers who deliver loads everyday, and it is not surprising, because KAMAZ is the regular winner of Paris - Dakar European race. Just see it in action. But what's about Russian militaries? They went even further and made KAMAZ fly. See the footage below.
World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Baltermants 1

64 World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Bal’termants

World War 2 Photos by Dmitri Bal’termants

Dmitri Nickolaevich Bal'termants was born in 1912, in Warsaw, Poland (the part of the Russian Empire at that time). In 1915, at the beginning of the revolution, his family moved in Moscow, where he have been living for the most part of his life. During the World War 2 he made his shots through all over the front in such places as Moscow, Stalingrad (Volgograd nowadays) or Leningrad (St.
Petersburg). Now the pictures of Bal'termants have become the world famous symbols of the War. See also: The Battle in Volkhovsky Forest On-ground Torpedo Russian Tanks Russian Snipers from WW2 Swings - 1944 Russian Fortications from World War 2 Astonishing Shot Back from 1942 Battle For Staliningrad Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

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