Russian aviation museum in Kiev 1
21 Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

Russian Aviation Museum in Kiev, Ukraine

  These are Russian aircrafts in the
Ukrainian museum, in Kiev city.
Russian ship models 1

36 Soviet Air Carriers Models

Soviet Air Carriers Models

All those Soviet Navy ships were never built. Soviet Union had great plans on getting them in action but it
never happened because of its collapse. Now we can see only the models in the official Navy Museum.
Russian army has dark skinned people 1

87 The Black Russian Army

The Black Russian Army

Russian army becomes more and more African these
days... Nobody could even imagine this 20 years ago.
Private photos of Russian soldier from World War 2 1

58 WW2 Memories

WW2 Memories

These are again photos from the private archive. Now they show the World War 2 as was seen from a simple Russian soldier
perspective. This soldier later has become a very famous Russian and played in more than sixty Russian movies.
Russian Radioactive Mines  1

58 The Radioactive Mines

The Radioactive Mines

These guys have gone deep into old Soviet uranium mines. In these mines Russian prisoners have dug for radioactive materials for the
Soviet Army. As you can see on the top picture the Geiger counter shows that there is still some radioactive pollution.
drunk tank driver
59 The Drunk Tank

The Drunk Tank

Don drink and drive, especially if you a tank driver! Maybe
this guy didn't know about this rule? See the video below:
Russian Underground Submarine Base and Dock 1

105 Russian Underground Submarine Base

Russian Underground Submarine Base

It was a big underground submarine base and docks once in USSR. After the Soviet Union collapsed and Russian
army left Ukraine it was partly abandoned and some of its parts was converted into a museum later.
Russian army in Afghanistan 1

87 The War in Afghanistan

The War in Afghanistan

Twenty eight years ago Russian army has entered Afghanistan. They stayed there for 9 years and more than 15,000 Russian soldiers were lost dead, much more were wounded or had psychological problems in their civil life later. The troops that were fighting against Russian army at that times were actively supported by Pakistan and Western World as an opposing effort of the Free World against the Evil Empire - USSR. One of the most notable leaders supporting the rebels against the "Russian oppression" in Afghanistan was a Western supported Osama Bin-Laden. A few years later, when there were nobody to fight against in Afghanistan he found new
victims for his fight. Now in the Free Western World that supported him before, with all the tactical skills his people were studied by Western instructors. In Russia there is a proverb, something like "Don't dig a hole for someone else, as you will fall into it yourself", some Russian soldiers found that it was true in this occasion, after learning that those guy they fought for years, took over the Afghanistan after they left and started to fight now against his supporters. These are photos from that time when the Russian army was still there, mainly from private archives.
Russian soldiers in Chechnya 1

83 Russian Soldiers

Russian Soldiers

Some casual shots of Russian soldiers during their
job in Chechnya region... back a few years ago.
Military newspaper in Russia 1

34 Russian Army Newspaper

Russian Army Newspaper

A few days ago one guy has got his next issue of a Russian Army newspaper he is subscribed too. He was lazy looking through it until on one page, devoted to
the department of Nuclear Defense he found a photo of one of the departments of Nuclear Defense Ministry. Look down what shocked him so much:

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