9 Open Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma

Open Architectural and Ethnographic Museum of Kostroma

There is an interesting museum of Russian wooden architecture in Kostroma. It is called "Kostroma Sloboda" and lies on the rivers Volga and Kostroma, at the
walls of Ipatievsky monastery. Blogger deni-spiri has been there and photographed old wooden houses, however the weather could be much better.

7 Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

Russian North: Old Wooden Architecture And Mouthwatering Cuisine

This is the Russian north, the Arkhangelsk Region, where asphalted roads are not typical. According to blogger muph, it is always nice to be there. The Oshevensky tract stretches from Kargopol to Oshevensk. Kargopol is a big city (compared to
others in the north), while Oshevensk is actually a bunch of villages united under the same title - Oshevenskoye. This place is undoubtedly another treasure of genuine beauty of Russian nature and old Russian architecture at its best.
16 A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

A Visit To The Almaty Television Tower

The Almaty Television Tower was built between 1975 to 1983. It is one of the most seismically stable and tallest buildings in the world. It is the second tallest building in Kazakhstan and 32nd in the world. The
tower is located on the slopes of the Kok-Tube at a height of 372m above sea level. To date the tower is closed to tourist. Here is an exclusive view of the tower both from the outside and from within.
23 The Unknown Second Kremlin In Moscow

The Unknown Second Kremlin In Moscow

From ancient times every Russian town had its own kremlin that protected it from enemies. A kremlin was considered to be a center of all settlement. Firstly kremlins were wooden then stone and refractory with impregnable towels and moats. Nowadays Russia has about 20 such historic and cultural
buildings that are not just military fortresses but also great architectural complexes with temples, palaces and halls. Practically everybody knows about the famous Moscow Kremlin and only few know about the second kremlin in Moscow, that is called the Izmailovo Kremlin.
45 Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

All Russia is sitting puzzled near their TVs looking on the... wobbling bridge. This phenomena is taking place in on of the Russian towns. The bridge stands across the Volga river and people say that there are absolutely no technical reasons why it should behave like that. It stayed normal for a long time but now it went crazy
without any reasonable reason - there were no earthquakes or strong winds in the area, however I bet you've never saw anything like that, when a heavy concrete bridge paved with a good deal of road surface dances like a soft rubber ribbon. Here is the video too. update: second video has been added
Russian weird helicopter house 1

9 Weird Russian Helicopter House

Weird Russian Helicopter House

It was photographed near the Chelyabinsk city. It's an actual
house and people live there, at least in summer time.
24 Crazy Apartment Hall

Crazy Apartment Hall

Usual Russian or Ukrainian multi apartment middle class, not new, buildings look like this. You probably can notice those windows are different for everyone. Some have totally new PVC windows, other have self made wooden frames. That's because there are no laws forbidding to change the window frames and paint them for an individual apartment in order to maintain the overall look of the house, so people do this according to their available budget and will. And not only poor people live in such buildings, no. It's really normal place for middle class people to live. So they can spend tens thousands dollars for renovation works, but... inside the apartment so it might look glossy inside but be in such a place from outside. It's totally normal that someone having a Range Rover car can live in such a place. Just because the average price of such an apartment in Moscow would be around $300,000. And it would be considered good buy if it is in good location - not far from the central part of the city etc. They were left as a heritage from the Soviet times when authorities didn't care much on the ethical side of the housing but wanted to give space for as much families as possible, and they gave them away for free, though in order to get one sometime people were staying in waiting lists for years. From inside this buildings look usually like this. There were no special organizations
tracking the condition of the halls, stairways or lobbies so only if the residents of the building were enough organized to plan a renovation then it might look bit different. The lobbies are often occupied by local teens from the neighbourhood as the weather is cold and they can't wander thru the streets and to get inside some cafe you need to order stuff or to be at least some age old etc. Lately people were paying more attention to the condition of such places, equipping the entrances with special steel doors with hardened access and video cams to track unwanted visitors but still there are a lot of places like this, especially in smaller cities. And, again, it is often a place where higher class people live, driving good cars and earning some a few thousands dollars a month. Of course, eventually some of those move to some new construction but it's not that easy too even for them with current property prices in Russia. But what we can see today, is something a very different from which was discussed and showen above. This is just another lobby on the thirteenth floor of such a building, in Ukraine, but there was living a person, a lady, that was bit too much devoted to letting the things leave as they were. What to she has turned their hall you can see inside...
69 What a View

What a View

Sometimes people pay thousands just to have some extraordinary view from their windows. This people of Russian
outskirts district didn't pay much but once they have got some view that can't be compared to any other view.
Moscow Russia clouds

36 Cloudy Weather

Cloudy Weather

That ain't shot from some Star Wars clone movie. That's a district of Russian
skyscrapers in Moscow shot during low clouds. Sometimes magnificent sight.
Russian Barocco

52 Russian Barocco

Russian Barocco

What's "Russian Barocco"? Obviously it's an architectural style and it has been pretty popular among modern Russian riches. They build real "palaces" made in a 19th century style. Hundreds of them built across the Russian river coasts. Meet one of them. Called to be the pearl
amongst of its kind. It's even has a Russian orthodox church building embedded into the house, probably with a "court" priest living there. It's pretty hard to understand how they stay sane being in the interiors like this, but probably they got used.

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