9 Spectacular Show Of ‘Strizhi’ Aerobatic Team

Spectacular Show Of ‘Strizhi’ Aerobatic Team

The Russian famed Strizhi pilot team organized a splendid
show that was coincided with its 20th anniversary.  
Russian stealth plane

87 Russian Stealth Jet

Russian Stealth Jet

Now Russia has its own stealth jet bomber. They promise to have it here already this year and start producing it in series starting 2010. They tell that the design of
the plane is still kept secret and those sketches are the only clue that people have, but as it is known it would be a decent F-22 competitor.
Russian mig jets factory
97 The Mig Factory

The Mig Factory

Russian MIGs are the most famous Russian jets. They were in production since 1959. They become true legend of Russian aviation and were exported to many countries. Sometimes they were used to fight against American or French jet fighters like in Vietnam
or in Israel. Mig factory was always top secret place during the Soviet Times. Such photos like we are having here today were impossible to make or publish at that times. But not now. So this is how Russian legend is being born.
Russian bomber TU-22M 1

75 The Round-the-World Bomber

The Round-the-World Bomber

This is a Russian bomber plane TU-22M. It can go all around the
globe carrying a-bombs on board, in production since 1978.
Russian plane shot down. It is AN-8 plane. 1

47 The Crash Site

The Crash Site

One Russian blogger has spotted a something looking like a crash site in the wild forests near St. Petersburg. So he decided to travel to that place and see it by his own eyes. After a
long journey through the woods he found the AN-8 plane which was landed in the middle of the forest and now stays abandoned. The reasons why it had to this are unknown.

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