3 Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

From 1956 till 1991, in the Soviet Union once every four years they held the Sports Festival of the Peoples of the USSR. Looking at these photographs taken by American journalist Stan Wayman in 1963, you understand that although rockets have nothing to
do with sports, that year thay became the highlight of the show! Apparently, Soviet people were so inspired by their successes in space exploration, that they couldn't but remind to the world about it each time it was possible.
5 The Museum of Rocket Forces in Balabanovo

The Museum of Rocket Forces in Balabanovo

In 100 km from Moscow by the Kiev highway there is a wonderful museum of strategic rocket forces in the training center of SRF. In a huge hangar customers can admire almost the entire history of the Soviet rocket production from the P-2 to the
Topol. However, there is one drawback: the museum is located at the military unit and therefore ordinary people are not allowed to come here, and inordinary are allowed, but still many things are forbidden to be photographed.
8 What Russians See Out Of Windows…

What Russians See Out Of Windows…

Space launching - that is something that can make your
imagination go too far when you once see it out of your window.

48 Missile Forces Museum

Missile Forces Museum

There is a unique museum located on the territory of the former Soviet Union, and to be more precise, in Ukraine. In the museum there are displayed many exhibits of Strategic Missile Forces. There is no other museum of such kind in
the whole world; except one that is located in the USA, but tourists are not allowed there and all the guided tours are prohibited. On this photo you can see intercontinental ballistic missile CC-18 “Satan.”

12 Expecting to Fly

Expecting to Fly

Since space exploration rose much higher than the sky last decade, every country set itself a goal to keep it going not to be on the back foot. Most probably, every one of you has already
heard about commonly known Baikonur spaceport, so today we are going to tell you a bit about the other one, less known spaceport as well as about launching of a space vehicle.

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