9 Infiltration to Pripyat

Infiltration to Pripyat

A group of guys from St. Petersburg wanted to visit Pripyat under cover of the night with no guides and someone's control. They wanted to see the
abandoned buildings, to enter any of them and to observe the wild nature swallowing the city. Pictures of their journey are inside the post.
8 1980s In Pripyat

1980s In Pripyat

We have shown you a huge amount of pictures of abandoned and lonely Pripyat, the city in the exclusion zone. But this post
is about the city before the catastrophe. Check out how the city and its people looked like when it was alive.
1 Four Seasons of the Desolate City

Four Seasons of the Desolate City

What season is the best for visiting
Pripyat? Better choose yourself.
1 Lonely Yards of Pripyat

Lonely Yards of Pripyat

They attract by their silence and scare by their emptiness. They both gloomy and aesthetically beautiful. It's where
you feel the atmospehere of abandonment more than anywhere else - in the desolate and lonely yards of Pripyat.
5 Golden Autumn In Pripyat

Golden Autumn In Pripyat

When trees become golden even the city in the exclusion zone appear to be a
wonderful place. Would you like to spend there a couple of days being all alone?

2 Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Interiors Of Pripyat, the Abandoned City

Prohibition to enter any buildings in Pripyat came into action just several years ago. And city patrols strictly enforce it. Such measures are justify - it is not safe to be
inside these houses anymore. Without people they keep decaying. However closed doors exist for opening them. So we are going to visit some of Pripyat houses right now.
2 Animals Of Pripyat

Animals Of Pripyat

Those who have lately been to Pripyat often say that the zone has less animals now than it used to. Yes, it's more difficult to meet an animal there today. But not because of decrease of animal population but due to our
disability to see them. The territory is getting more and more overgrown, the forests become higher, the roads look pretty much like tunnels. No wonder we don't notice animals in Pripyat as we used to.
3 Schools In the City of Pripyat

Schools In the City of Pripyat

Where else can you so clearly feel the breath of the Soviet epoch, abnormal post apocalyptic world and invisible presence of people? Schools are the brightest symbol of the stopped time in Pripyat. Their stuff remained
untouched by liquidators, looters and citizens themselves. They cared much more about taking their private belongings with them. Some school things are still standing in places where they met April 26, 1986.

4 Uninvitedly In the Flats of Pripyat

Uninvitedly In the Flats of Pripyat

We are going to enter one of the houses of Pripyat that has been preserved rather
well and visit some of its flats left by its owners almost thirty years ago.

8 Illegally In Pripyat

Illegally In Pripyat

 Yes, it's about Pripyat again, but no abandoned dolls, kindergartens, decaying books and portraits of leaders this time. This report is mainly about penetration of
stalkers to the exclusion zone and landscapes available for observation only to those who come there illegally - all these sunsets, twilight and nights...

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