23 Soldiers With Four Legs

Soldiers With Four Legs

Dog training center "Krasnaya zvezda" ("Red star") is the central school of military dog breeding and is the only special unit in the Russian Army of such kind. It was
founded in 1924 to conduct experiments on the dog usage during wartime. The experience of the "Red star" was successfully applied during the Second World War.
7 Welcome To Freddy Krueger Beginners Club

Welcome To Freddy Krueger Beginners Club

Did you ever ask yourself how actors get made up with plastic make-up so that they look like scary
zombies or mutants? A Russian enthusiast tried the procedure himself and shared the photos.
13 Assorted Russia, Part 12

Assorted Russia, Part 12

The following portion of interesting and
strange things from the wonderland called
6 Flying Over Russian Cities

Flying Over Russian Cities

Another set of pictures of some beautiful
cities taken at a very high height.
19 Profitable Anti-Corruption

Profitable Anti-Corruption

One of the Moscow courts has recently sanctioned the arrest of Director of the Bureau Of Anti-Organized Crime Combatting.
Police General is suspected for serious fraud. All the pictures were taken during the search in his mansion.
55 Secret Photos From A Finnish Defence Forces’ Safe

Secret Photos From A Finnish Defence Forces’ Safe

Sixty years on, there are no grounds to withhold images kept in a Finnish Defence Forces' safe. The dull-looking cardboard box that contains three envelopes is full of horrific images from the Winter War (1939-40) and
the Continuation War (1941-44). The box has been stored along with numerous plastic folders in a tall safe at the Finnish Defence Forces picture archives, in the Santahamina garrison in Helsinki.
6 Greetings From Outer Space

Greetings From Outer Space

These photos of the Earth have been taken by a Russian
astronaut who writes his blog directly from the outer space.
21 Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Forgotten Crimes Of The Past – Deserted Police Station

Abandoned police station is a very strange place. It is full of investigation materials, personal
records, photo albums with criminal faces and numerous passports scattered all over the floor.
13 Extreme Expedition To Yakutia

Extreme Expedition To Yakutia

Yakutia is the land of untouched nature and wild animals some of which haven't ever
seen a man. No wonder it attracts courageous tourists and travellers so much.
61 Soviet Reality That Seems Never Existed

Soviet Reality That Seems Never Existed

The elders often tell their children about their Soviet youth. They listen with delight about the "supermarkets" of the USSR, kinds of
goods one could and could not buy, about their schoolyears so different from those of today. Let us remember more details...

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