10 Russian Supercar Marussia

Russian Supercar Marussia

Maybe some people still doubt but Russia has its own supercars. This post is about one of them called
"Marussia" - the product of the project that despite many obstacles keeps developing and expanding.
2 Just A Musical Show

Just A Musical Show

Such shows are lately shown on Russian TV, most of the
spectators are Russian elite - famous actors, singers etc.
2 The Master of Sounds

The Master of Sounds

Vladimir Popov (1889-1968) from Moscow was an actor and "a master of sounds". Her created
machines producing sounds for theatre performances. Decide yourself if he succeeded or not.
9 Sophie Ellis-Bextor In Voronezh

Sophie Ellis-Bextor In Voronezh

International celebrities visit not only Moscow or St. Petersburg. Check out photos of Sophie
Ellis-Bextor who visited the city of Voronezh to congratulate its night club on its birthday.
5 Burning Hot Air Of Kubinka Air Base

Burning Hot Air Of Kubinka Air Base

On the last day of January, early in the morning, when it is freezing in the street and the thermometer shows -22C, we are taking you to Kubinka Air Base,
the Moscow Region, to show you training flights of the Swifts and the Russian Knights, aerobatic performance demonstrator teams of Russia.
3 Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

Rocket Sports Festival In The USSR

From 1956 till 1991, in the Soviet Union once every four years they held the Sports Festival of the Peoples of the USSR. Looking at these photographs taken by American journalist Stan Wayman in 1963, you understand that although rockets have nothing to
do with sports, that year thay became the highlight of the show! Apparently, Soviet people were so inspired by their successes in space exploration, that they couldn't but remind to the world about it each time it was possible.
9 Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011. Part 4

Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011. Part 4

We have visited the MAKS show more than once ( Part 1, Part 2, Part 3), but
there are still many pictures to share. Let's go back to the show.
9 Everyday Life Of A Nomadic Circus

Everyday Life Of A Nomadic Circus

The circus "Banzay" performs in the Crimea towns and represents a practically
extinct phenomenon that is called "shapito" ( a constantly moving circus).
15 The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

The Reconstruction Of 1941 War Parade In Moscow

On the 7th of November Moscow held a grandiose theatrical performance. The parade in Red Square was reconstructing the war parade of 1941, after which the troops
had gone exactly to the battlefield. Different corps that took part in the performance were clothed in the World War II Soviet military uniform.
Moscow SWAT 1
27 Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT

Moscow SWAT was giving demos the other day in
Strogino.  It was quite a spectacular performance!

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