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23 Driving Skills

Driving Skills

Some Russian drivers now mark their driving skills. Such tradition came to us from the age of World War II when pilots painted a star on their aircrafts for every successful enemy turned down by them. So Russian drivers think they also are some kind of military pilots
and all the other participants of traffic are their direct enemies, so the collision with everyone is something like a little victory. So they put such kind of stickers marking successful accident with each type of traffic participants:
russian boys
83 Russian Disco Party

Russian Disco Party

This is an example of sample Russian disco party. It looks the same probably in all the Russian not so big towns. All guys who visit are ready to fight, they find somebody who is alien there and attack. And nobody would call police - just because it's not something unusual - if you going to visit Russian disco party in smaller towns - you take the responsibility of participation in the fight. Most of the young guys know that they need to be tough because they are going to go to Russian army and in Russian army it's more like in prison - officers don't control what happen - there is a big hierarchy
between the soldiers. Those soldiers who served longer - they beat EVERY day the younger ones - just because when they came - they were treated in the same manner. In Russian army there is thousands of soldiers die every year just because of this. And nobody cares. The latest story that was discussed nationwide in Russia is regarding one soldier who lost both of his legs because he was humiliated awfully in the army. So when the elder guys return from army they have a broken psychics which is being transfered to the younger generations.
12 Russian Policemen Smoking Pot

Russian Policemen Smoking Pot

Short video how do Russian
policemen smoke pot.
13 Boris Yeltsin Rocks Again

Boris Yeltsin Rocks Again

We had Boris Yeltsin a few days ago with the video how he was surprised when his speech ended. This time he
throws a random woman into the Black Sea while walking around. Submitted by Vladimir Nickolay
29 Russian Nuclear Dance

Russian Nuclear Dance

"This man is Alex, 53. He works on one of Russian nuclear plants. Whe he gets to drunk he likes to dance and all other Nuclear plants workers make fun of him. It's forbidden to tape inside Russian Nuclear Plants but this was made by a hidden
cameraphone." Believe it or not but this what we've got from our inbox (all our news are submitted by visitors as you know). If this is true than it's more clear now why the Chernobyl nuclear disaster happened. Submitted by Elena P.
ukraine univercity
19 Another Univercity Campus

Another Univercity Campus

We had already a post about a Business College campus from Ukraine. Now there is another photo report from the univercity campus in one city of
Ukraine. The most interesting thing there is the strange paintings on the wall. They liven up the interriors greatly.
53 Parts of USSR

Parts of USSR

So in order to clarify a little bit what countries were in the USSR we have some photos. People of those countries fill themselves now independent but formerly were referred as "Soviet People". Most of
them still know Russian language almost perfectly. So the list of the counties: First goes Russia. It was the biggest part of USSR in terms of territory and population.
9 Kazakhstan Youth

Kazakhstan Youth

So another country which is now independent from Russia but was a part of USSR, is the glorious Kazakhstan. After the "Borat" movie hit the screens
many people wonder how does really life in Kazakhstan looks like? Here is another short video from Kazakhstan with a strange plot.
russian church
6 More Church in Russian Army

More Church in Russian Army

This photos is probably of some more connection of Russian Army Church. This time in gas masks, wearing something
looking like Russian Orthodox church domes with crosses, and having church windows drawn on their bodies.
9 More Russian Spidermen

More Russian Spidermen

More Russian spidermen-like gymnasts making weird tricks on the streets. This time the guys are from Chechnya, but
currently live abroad, as refugees. The final part of this movie shows how sometime they fail to do those tricks.

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