3 Saving Foxes From the Deep Well

Saving Foxes From the Deep Well

Three fox cubs got into trouble - they could not come out from the big well
five meters deep. Luckily for them they were heard by people passing by.
1 Freezing Cold Marathon

Freezing Cold Marathon

This Christmas marathon held in the city of Omsk, Russia, was really freezing cold. It's an annual event but this year it was -30C on January 7th. Despite the cold 707 participants from ten countries of the world and
fifteen regions of Russia came to Omsk to show results. The Omsk region itself was represented by 619 runners. The sports program included the races for 21,1 km and 7 km and a Christmas relay.
3 Work of the Siberian Railway

Work of the Siberian Railway

Nearly 1500 km of roads belongs to the Omsk part of the Western-Siberian railway. The total number of
its workers exceeds 25 thousand. The department serves more than 800 consignors and consignees.
10 Aerial Photoshoot of the Siberian City

Aerial Photoshoot of the Siberian City

Omsk is situated in Western Siberia. It was founded in 1716. The
city population is 1,2 million people. Let's fly over the city.
38 Hipsters From Omsk

Hipsters From Omsk

The residents of the Russian city of Omsk do know much about style. They put their soul, experience and even a bit of the country's history into
their appearance. Their clothes are a kind of reflection of a sublime mystery of being and an elevated tragedy of human life...
orange snow
186 Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

Orange Snow in Omsk, Russia

Yesterday a strange phenomena happened in Omsk region Russia. Pretty vast territory of Omsk region was covered with a snow that had an unusual color. It was orange. Now we have a few photos, mainly screenshots from Russian TV channels. There is still no one exact explanation about
the origin of orange color of this snow. More high quality photos of the Martian like snowy terrain would follow shortly. According to Russian officials the orange snow doesn't contain any chemical byproducts or any other elements dangerous to human.
22 Russia From Space

Russia From Space

These are photos of some industrial places in Russia from GoogleEarth. Each one has a
description.  Actually this one is without description. Some industrial thing.

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