28 Soviet Experimental All-Terrain Vehicles

Soviet Experimental All-Terrain Vehicles

In Soviet Union there were lots of engineering departments which developed and produced different goods. Among them was a group of laboratories designing and constructing
different all-terrain vehicles for the army, Space Forces and scientific work. Now these vehicles rusting at specialized junk yards and some maybe exhibited in museums.
11 Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

Unusual Soviet Snowmobile Equipment

An idea to adjust transport means to move over snow appeared long ago. First snowmobile was built in Russia in 1904 by an engineer S.S. Nezhdanovsky. It was a light model with an internal-combustion engine equipped with an
aerodynamic propeller. Already in 1907 Y.A. Meller made and tested "a skiing mobile"  and a year later this vehicle was called "a motor sleigh". Igor Sikorsky contributed much to snowmobiles development as well.

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