Moscow, Russia invaded by Russian Army 1

30 Moscow Invasion

Moscow Invasion

These days, suburbs of Moscow, Russia look like they were invaded by Russian army.
Anyone in this blocks can look from his window and see a tank or two.
Photoshopped Moon Pics 1

103 A Modified Moon Image

A Modified Moon Image

Russian bloggers has downloaded one of the pictures of the Moon landing from the official NASA website and enhanced it with the means of modern photo imaging software. They have
found something that could point on the editing of the image by the primitive methods that were widely used at that time (30 years ago) in many magazines etc.
russian dogs in space 1

28 First Russian Space Dogs

First Russian Space Dogs

We had first Russian space pig a few day ago. Ok now it's turn for Russian space dogs. There were a lot of them. Before the first human has traveled to space and back there were twenty nine launches with dogs. Ten dogs died,
saving the life to the first human offering Russian space scientists invaluable data on how all the systems of the ship behave during the space flight, launch and its landing. Some dogs even had a few flights.
32 Russian Space Centre

Russian Space Centre

One guy from got a trip to a Russian space agency, near the Moscow city. That's a place where all the Russian austronauts, as well as
commercial space travellers are being trained before their trip to space. Here is his photos from that place, with some comments.

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