23 Moscow 30 Years Ago

Moscow 30 Years Ago

Past always seems to be better than it really was. As if people were kinder, the country was stronger, the city was cleaner... But photos like these
ones return us to reality - those times were rather contradictory. They were made in 1984 in Moscow by a Dutch traveller Aad van der Drift.

3 Huge Pancake Pie

Huge Pancake Pie

Big scope for a big city! This is how they decided to celebrate Maslenitsa (Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday
also known as Butter week) in Moscow - they made a huge 500 kg pie from pancakes with bananas and chocolate paste!
0 The Famous Soviet Fountain

The Famous Soviet Fountain

Fountain "Kolos" ("Ear") is one of the three main fountains of the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition. It impresses by its dimensions and location - in the middle of the upper
pond of the exhibition centre. The total height of the fountain is sixteen meters, the height of its jets was reaching twenty five meters. The pictures are dated 1954.
2 1920s In Moscow

1920s In Moscow

Life in Moscow back
in the 1920s.

0 VIP Guests In the Moscow Kremlin 1960

VIP Guests In the Moscow Kremlin 1960

Cold Russian winter 1960. A famous American journalist Howard
Sochurek by order of "Life" magazine infiltrates the private party...
11 Moscow Flea Market

Moscow Flea Market

What is hidden behind the glamorous side of Moscow? We are going to show you the
live side of the city. With this purpose we are going to its flea market now.

2 Moscow Children, Winter 1959

Moscow Children, Winter 1959

Pictures taken by an American
photographer and journalist in Moscow
2 Upside Down House In Moscow

Upside Down House In Moscow

A nice entertaining house has appeared in Moscow - a new
upside down house can be visited by everyone.
1 On the Roof of the Formerly Biggest Hotel In Moscow

On the Roof of the Formerly Biggest Hotel In Moscow

Photos taken from the roof of the former hotel "Kokorevsky farmstead", the first Russian
multifunctional public business centre. This hotel was built in 1864 and became the biggest one in
14 Muslim Prays On the Orthodox Church In Moscow

Muslim Prays On the Orthodox Church In Moscow

An unknown Muslim climbed the roof of an Orthodox church on Red Square of Moscow to pray
in public. Some people were shocked, some amazed, some even started to applause...

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