5 Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

A fire broke out at Moscow’s Federation Tower on Monday, April 2nd. The fire was graded 4 on the 5-point complexity scale. The ignition occurred on the 67th floor of the Federation Tower, presently under construction. The blaze spread to an area of 300 square meters. 2 fire-fighting helicopters and over 80 fire engines were involved in the operation. Fire-fighters had to use  staircases to
get to the 56th floor as the tower is still under construction and there are no elevators in the building. The fire was extinguished around midnight. There is no threat of the building collapse. No one has been reportedly injured. The under-construction skyscraper is planned to be Europe’s tallest building. The tower, when completed, is to be 360 meters tall.
5 Moscow As Seen From Moscow-City

Moscow As Seen From Moscow-City

Altitude is 230 m, we are standing on one of
the high-rise buildings of Moscow-City.
8 Neighbour of the President

Neighbour of the President

A few people know that just a few meters from the Kremlin near the Sofia Embarkment and behind the pompous buildings of the Russian Oil Giant, is a privately owned house. The house belongs to a one Mr. Victor Anatolevich Rozanov. One of Moscow's central home owners and the direct neighbour of the Kremlin.
Victor, a Professor with the Institute named after Baumann, is a 73 year old man who has lived in this house with his family since birth. He currently lives there with his wife. He briefly talks about his home, the history that sorrounds it, its odds among other twists and turns.
5 Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

Peep Into The Bolshoi Theatre

In three months, the first performances at the Bolshoi Theatre will begin. The
Theatre currently looks like a big anthill, but a look inside won't cause any harm.

9 Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

Ten Most Popular Roofs of Moscow

As the New Year has already retired from us and left just an aftertaste of overpast holidays, haziness in their head and whole lot of food in the freezer, many of us are ready to set about their work and routine business. But some are about casting the
total. It would be appropriate to sum some relevant things up; one’s gains or track records, but there are few off-the-wall statistics. And there is one of them: what were the ten most popular roofs of Moscow city last, 2009, year?
Russian UFO in Moscow

34 Moscow UFO?

Moscow UFO?

Russian people of Moscow got nice view a few days ago from their windows on the late night skies. "At 2.00am we went to walk our friends over, and then has seen THIS. It
was moving with the speed of the plane so I didn't have enough time to get the holder to make more clear shots.", writes the lady who made the photos.
Russian people don't want road

13 No Road Please

No Road Please

This Russian people don't want Moscow city authorities to build new road on their land. They didn't get the payment proposal to sell it, but just an order saying that their land is being taken for city
needs (of course they were promised something in exchange) but it seems they didn't like the offer, so they still manage to hold the land despite the road has already been opened.
Moscow invaded by Russian army 1

34 The Moscow Downtown Invaded

The Moscow Downtown Invaded

Yesterday through all the day columns of
tanks were rushing through the Moscow.
Moscow, Russia invaded by Russian Army 1

30 Moscow Invasion

Moscow Invasion

These days, suburbs of Moscow, Russia look like they were invaded by Russian army.
Anyone in this blocks can look from his window and see a tank or two.
Moscow city, Russia, small copy 1

26 The Mini Moscow

The Mini Moscow

Some days ago we had the St. Petersburg city shots made from a helicopter. Today something similar. Moscow city from above, but its not real Moscow, but it's copy, that is being stored in the Moscow
city town-hall. By the way, there was once ago a copy of Moscow city downtown featured on English Russia. It was more pleasantly crafted and even had illumination. You can see it here.

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