34 What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

What Has Been Done by Russians on the Moon?

Russian mind has been haunted by the Moon in all times. Last century it was one of the most significant Soviet
missions - to reach the natural satellite of the Earth and explore it. And the country succeeded.
Moon - great photo
11 Has Russia ever landed on the moon?

Has Russia ever landed on the moon?

There’s a lot of confusion as to whether Russia landed on the moon or not. A lot of people immediately assume that they've already landed on the
moon because their cosmonauts are almost as popular as the astronauts. Let's make it clear, we will take a look at some history facts...
5 Launch of a Handmade Aircraft

Launch of a Handmade Aircraft

The space attracts all people with its mystery. And Russians are not an exception. During weekends some of them
construct little aircrafts and launch them into the cosmos instead of ordinary walking or going to cinemas.
Lunar Money in Russia 1

53 Ameros Lunaros

Ameros Lunaros

Lately on the Net started appearing gossips about the new North-American currency "Amero" which would, as people say, come to replace Canadian and American dollars together with Mexican peso and would become one and only currency in North America. Some photos of actual amero bills and coins appeared on different near world-conspiracy blogs and youtube channels Well, in Russia they stepped bit
further and think that the currency would be called not Amero but Lunaro, or Lunar if to be exact, and probably it would replace not only Northern American currencies but all currencies on Earth and even, probably, on Moon. That's what they call the real New World Order. And yes, there are some secret bill samples that leaked and we can publish those, like, rare shots.
Photoshopped Moon Pics 1

103 A Modified Moon Image

A Modified Moon Image

Russian bloggers has downloaded one of the pictures of the Moon landing from the official NASA website and enhanced it with the means of modern photo imaging software. They have
found something that could point on the editing of the image by the primitive methods that were widely used at that time (30 years ago) in many magazines etc.
personal moon light 1

49 Your Personal Moon

Your Personal Moon

Some Russian designers have started a production of a big, moon-shaped light-box calling this project a
"Your Personal Moon". Now anyone can get his own moon right in his apartment or his backyard.

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