4 Military Town With a Banal Story

Military Town With a Banal Story

This military town has an ordinary banal story. It used to prosper but then the military unit was disbanded and consequently people left.
The buildings are empty and are slowly tumbling down. Let's peep into the flats and walk along the neighbourhood.  
20 Abandoned Military Town

Abandoned Military Town

The former Soviet Union had a plenty of military towns across
the country that were abandoned later. Here's one of them.
21 The Security To Trust

The Security To Trust

Let us introduce to you the 7th Rezekne Red Banner Missile Division and its   strategic mobility complexes with an intercontinental ballistic missile, "Topol"
("Poplar"). Unlike the 46th Missile Division whose central command post was transformed into the museum, this one still operates and guards its Homeland.

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