18 How Helicopters Are Assembled

How Helicopters Are Assembled

What vehicle can lift up a couple of tanks or a 7 tonned transmission equipment in the air? Not only a launch vehicle "Proton-M" is capable of this, but also a Russian helicopter "Mi-26" - the largest
of such class! This flying warehouse is produced in Rostov-on-Don, at "Rostvertol" factory. They say that those who once entered the military enterprise are not allowed abroad then...
10 Military Press Tour In Belarus

Military Press Tour In Belarus

This time we'll take you to security, defence and law enforcement agencies of Belarus.
Let's start with some pictures of special mission units demonstration performance.
11 Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

Reconstruction Of the WWI Battle In Ukraine

People know little about World War I, comparing with World War II, although this war also had its heroes and its dramas. The Brusilov Offensive (Lutskiy Proryv) took place in 1916
in the Ukranian city of Lutsk, where this year they tried to reconstruct that battle. The event was named 'Echo of the Great War of 1914-1918. The Lutskiy Proryv'.
25 Rocket Division Control Center

Rocket Division Control Center

The rocket division post was built in Vlasikha Village in Moscow area 1950s. From this very place, Marshal Zhukov was
directing the defence of Moscow 1941. Since then people have been serving here maintaining peace in the whole world.
20 Training of the 18th Motorized Infantry Battalion

Training of the 18th Motorized Infantry Battalion

These are some photos of the 18th motorized infantry
battalion manoeuvres in Stavropol Territory. Take a look!
25 Union Shield 2011 Military Exercise

Union Shield 2011 Military Exercise

On September, 22, the final phase of the united Russia-Belarus-Ukraine-Kazakhstan 'Union Shield-2011' exercise took place. It was held on Ashuluk training ground in Astrakhan region. Russia was represented by the 21st motorized infantry battalion; Belarus was represented by
the 120th  mechanized infantry brigade of the Guards; Ukraine and Kazakhstan were represented by airborne companies. Around 12 000 servicemen, over 200 units of  surface transport, and 50 units of airborne  transport took part in the exercise.
11 Union Shield-2011

Union Shield-2011

'Union Shield-2011' exercise finished on September 22, 2011. 'Union Shield-2011' is a joint Russia-Belarus regional group of forces that exists for over 10 years. 'Union Shield-2011' exercise is a part of the strategic-tactical exercises 'Centre - 2011' which takes place on seven training grounds in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and Tajikistan,
composed of military units of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. During the exercise, within the bounds of 'Union Shield-2011' exercise, Belarus jointed the participants. Russia-Kazakhstan 'Shigis-2011' and 'Fighting Commonwealth-2011' of the participants of Joint CIS Air Defence System has already finished.

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