7 News From Russian Roads, Part 36

News From Russian Roads, Part 36

A brand new
7 News From Russian Roads, Part 27

News From Russian Roads, Part 27

Not only icicles fall from
the roofs in Russia...
Mustang Fail 1
23 Mustang Fail

Mustang Fail

Here's a fake Mustang that actually was a Lada car which got turned into Ford Mustang
replica by some Ukrainian devotees. Wanted the best, you see the rest ...
7 Incident In a Quiet Village

Incident In a Quiet Village

One drunk villager somewhere in the Arkhangelsk Region decided to drive a MAZ but lost control and drove into a house ... This "Lada" was not neglected by a
hapless driver too ... It's hard to believe but "Lada" driver didn't suffer at all, however rescuers had to cut him out from "the iron sandwich".
Russian Lada car in ice  1

10 Ice Cube Lada

Ice Cube Lada

When those Russian men went fishing they were not expecting to see their Lada Niva in an ice cube some hours later. When
the frosts are strong it's not very much time needed to freeze the whole car into a solid ice rock.
17 Driving Abroad

Driving Abroad

When Russians get abroad they still can do heroic things, like those Chechen Russians riding
this wounded Mercedes abroad. Or those Georgian Russian riding double Lada.
Russian car 1

21 The Super Mario Lada

The Super Mario Lada

In Russia they have
Super Mario Ladas.
11 The Lada Ad

The Lada Ad

New Lada ad is being aired. "The Legendary
Lada 2107, Quality. Traditions. Safety.
strange lada 1

26 Strange Lada Niva

Strange Lada Niva

This Russian car is
strangely textured.
smallest Russian car is turned into suv 1

17 Smallest SUV Ever

Smallest SUV Ever

"Lada Oka" is what to be known Russian smallest car. Made for city jungle for easy parking and low gas consumption. But if you are not a city dweller but a Russian regular guy
you can't use Oka to the most. So even smallest Russian cars are gasping for SUV glory. Now they have the smallest Russian SUV and probably smallest SUV ever.

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