15 Man Who Spoke With Bears

Man Who Spoke With Bears

Vitaly Nikolaenko, a famous animal photographer, died 7 years ago. He spent 33 years traveling around the world and walked
thousands of kilometers. His passion was brown bears. He met them 800 times and had 12 thousand shots of these animals.
27 Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

Kamchatka: At the Back of Beyond

A wonderful collection of photos taken
recently in Kamchatka. Enjoy the views!
Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption 1
14 Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption

Klyuchevsky Volcano Eruption

In this post you may see the eruption of
Klyuchevsky volcano (Kamchatka).
Bears In Fog 1
10 Bears In Fog

Bears In Fog

Lake Kambalnoye is situated in the Yuzhno-Kamchtsky Federal wildfire preserve, in the south of Kamchatka, somewhere between Kambalny volcano and cape Lopatka. These places are known in Russia as the bad weather
record breakers. But those who love nature and are eager to see these amazing creatures, come here despite the adverse weather. And they are rewarded indeed as they may take such great photos.
Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers? 3
8 Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

Do Bears Scorch Paws in the Valley of Geysers?

The Valley of Geysers and volcano Uzon caldera located in Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka is a "favourite" place of many Russians to sacrifice their extremities touching the thermal springs with their fingers and wearing sandals despite all the instructions they get. They tread upon the green grass under which is the hot and chemically
aggressive mud. After such experiments burns of the feet heal tortuously slow. It is worthy of note that ONLY Russians show such curiosity, other travellers prefer to follow precautionary measures. But what about bears? They don't get instructions and the wood covering is not made for them. And they are always bare paws. 
Salmon Spawning 1
24 Salmon Spawning

Salmon Spawning

Here are some cool pictures of salmon
spawning at Kuril Lake in Kamchatka.

23 Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

Top Bears of Kamchatka Region

We have already had a few posts about Kamchatka region, as far as you remember. But those were about handsomeness of nature as Kamchatka peninsula has lots of national monuments; but each can say without a tint of controversy that the beautifulness of nature is
incomplete without its dwellers, different kinds of beasts residing at it. So, one photographer that lived in Kamchatka region for years decided to settle a list of bears that he has seen through the time he was there. Let’s have a look at them regulars.

61 Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town

Bechyovinka, the submariners’ secret town

There is a secret town in Kamchatka. One
can get here only by sea or a helicopter.
25 Russia of Gippenreiter

Russia of Gippenreiter

Hardly there could be found places where he has not been to: deserts of Central Asia, mountains of the Caucasus and Siberia, the North of Russia, the Urals and the Far East. He was floating
down the cataracted rivers of the Sayan Mountains, peddling his canoe in Karelia, climbing the hills and volcanoes of Kuril Islands and Kamchatka… His name is Vadim Gippenreiter.
Kamchatka 1

66 Kamchatka


Kamchatka, a good place in Russia to visit. It is famous for its volcanoes, the valleys of hot springs, wild bears that
don't afraid men, very snow but not cold winters and low population rate, and yes it's next to Atlantic.

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