2 To the Top of the Volcano

To the Top of the Volcano

Avacha volcano is rather huge. Its height is 2700 meters (8860 ft), people start climbing it from the height of 800 meters (2625 ft).
Thus, they should climb 1900 m (6233 ft) high. It is not so easy. It usually takes from six to eight hours to climb this height.
5 The Land of Bears

The Land of Bears

Kurilsk lake is famous not only with its wonderful landscapes and surrounding volcanoes, but also with the demographic situation of bears which is very good as there are plenty of the animals here. This is where one can get a clear
understanding that a bear is not a fluffy toy but a dangerous predator and doesn't kill people only because there is an abundance of tested and safe food around. As soon as the food is over, no person can be saved.
3 Down the Crater

Down the Crater

Let's walk near Gorely vocano in Kamchatka and see how snow,
mountains, flowers and smoke unite to depict pictures of wild nature...
4 The Island of Birds

The Island of Birds

We are near Starichki island  - the nature reserve (0,5km2), inhabited by 50 000 seabirds of
11 species. Ornithologists working on the island arrange excursions for visitors.
5 The Land For Tough Tourists

The Land For Tough Tourists

The name of this place is no secret just is of no much importance. It can be any settlement in the north or Far East of Russia... Shabby walls, line dry outside, flowers in colorful tires, dirty Toyotas, timatable in an airport saying "it will arrive if the weather is good", attempts to reach civilization by all-terrain vehicles (if only we could find roads!), cow-parsnip 3 meters high, fishing that feeds 99% of local
population, cheap caviar here and now, "Muscovites are the only ones to blame", "do not try to run away from a bear or you are killed", "TAWS" system yelling "TERRAIN! PULL UP!" in zero visibility ... By the way, if you believe that Norway is expensive for tourists, welcome to Kamchatka and try to visit its nature reserves, geysers... And Norway will seem to be some Turkey in off-season...
3 Volcano Colors In the Evening

Volcano Colors In the Evening

Avacha volcano of Kamchatka is wonderful in any weather.
Look how its colors are playing after the sunset.
2 Death Dancing of Capelin

Death Dancing of Capelin

Even those who have been living in Kamchatka for dozens of years haven't always had a chance to
see this phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of fishes are performing their last dance.
Avacha Up 21
2 Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Kamchatka: Up To Avacha, Part II

Let's continue the way to Avachinsky volcano. It only seems that its
top is conic, in fact it's like a field... a lava field.
2 Kamchatka: Up To Avacha

Kamchatka: Up To Avacha

It's not so hard to climb Avachinsky volcano. The path
leads up only in some places sinking in snow...
8 Spending One Month In Kamchatka

Spending One Month In Kamchatka

This is a photo coverage of a one-month tour of Kamchatka for you to
catch the essence of one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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