39 The Sukhoi Aircrafts Photo Collection

The Sukhoi Aircrafts Photo Collection

We have told you about the Sukhoi Su-35 in one of our previous articles, but now we want to show you some more
of the Sukhoi aircrafts because these planes are really worth seeing! Check out the photo collection:
11 Union Shield-2011

Union Shield-2011

'Union Shield-2011' exercise finished on September 22, 2011. 'Union Shield-2011' is a joint Russia-Belarus regional group of forces that exists for over 10 years. 'Union Shield-2011' exercise is a part of the strategic-tactical exercises 'Centre - 2011' which takes place on seven training grounds in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, and Tajikistan,
composed of military units of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine. During the exercise, within the bounds of 'Union Shield-2011' exercise, Belarus jointed the participants. Russia-Kazakhstan 'Shigis-2011' and 'Fighting Commonwealth-2011' of the participants of Joint CIS Air Defence System has already finished.
the Russian army parade in Moscow 1

73 The Parade Rehearsal

The Parade Rehearsal

This year they decided to held a big Russian Army parade in Moscow, Russia. Such parades were normal in Soviet Union but were not conducted since the early 90-s of the last century in Russia, after the Soviet Union collapse. This time we have photos and a pretty long video showing all the stuff
they gonna have at this parade at the 9th of May, the day that is celebrated in Russia as "The Victory Day" and they mean the victory in the World War 2. You are first who sees it, thousands of Russian would get the broadcast of the even not earlier than at that day.
37 SU-30 New Russian Jet

SU-30 New Russian Jet

New Russian jet SU-30 with
"thrust-vectoring technology".

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