9 USB Flamethrower

USB Flamethrower

One guy decided to make a cool flamethrower from a lighter and place a card reader inside. The old picture of the man with a flamethrower
behind his back, found in the Internet, inspired the guy. Look at the process of making the USB flamethrower and the result itself.

4 Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Homemade Weapons of Terrorists

Here you can see how they make improvised explosive devices in Ingushetia. Such weapons are used to kill people and destroy
various objects. On the picture above the people are just going to make some "hellish machines", as they call them.

7 Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

Computer System Unit Becomes a Part of the Desk

This post is for you if you like to remake various things and turn them into unusual staff with your own
hands. This time the computer system unit is built in the desk. The result is rather cool.  

6 DIY Boot Dryer

DIY Boot Dryer

If you are tired of wet boots you can actually make a boot dryer yourself. You probably know that leather shoes and boots should not dry at the heating devices. They should dry at room temperature. So we are not going to heat, we are going to ventilate. What
can be boots ventilated by from inside? With low-power fans. CPU cooler ones are perfect for that! If you don't have any, they are quite cheap. By the way, some are even illuminated. Those we are going to use have power of 12 volts.
10 Do-It-Yourself: Internal Combustion Engine

Do-It-Yourself: Internal Combustion Engine

Let us show you how to make an internal conbustion engine at home. It's not that you will be able to use it somethere, but it's going to
be enough to wow your friends. So, you're going to need a can, CD, some foam rubber, a couple of screws and a few clips.
8 Pure Absinthe Made At Home

Pure Absinthe Made At Home

Today we'll tell you how to make absinthe, the legendary drink of Van Gogh and Hemingway. Not that green substance that is sold in each nearby
alcohol shop but pure and qualitative, made of herbs. Some Russians do love it as well. Well, all the details inside the post.
Homemade Leather Bags 2
19 Homemade Leather Bags

Homemade Leather Bags

Maxim Sharov is a Russian craftsman who makes bags of
leather. Here we show how he usually does it.

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