13 Inhabited Landfill

Inhabited Landfill

How is it like to sleep in a big bag filled with old blankets in winter? To wash once a week at best? To find home under the planking covered
with linoleum? To earn a living by sorting wastes? We are going to visit one landfill in Belarus and find answers to these questions.
10 Homeless Pavel

Homeless Pavel

Pavel lives in a Cheboksary grove. He didn't prevent visitors from
examination of his dwelling though had no desire to answer many questions...
9 Assorted Russia, Part 29

Assorted Russia, Part 29

These are pictures from the fashion show of Yana and Anastasia Shevchenko, whose brand is called YanaStasia. Many popular Russian singers and showmen took part in this event. The majority of Russian stars try to cover
the absence of their talent with shocking behaviour or spectacular clothes and this show gave them opportunity to prove it once more. The designers colored stars like matryoshkas with very bright flowers.
Homeless kids in Ukraine

27 Homeless Kids

Homeless Kids

What can be worse than a
homeless kid?
Homeless people at Moscow, Russia 1

46 Homeless of Moscow

Homeless of Moscow

Some photos of homeless people
from Moscow, by Rulon Oboev.

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