0 Russian military vehicles of the year 2023

Russian military vehicles of the year 2023

The near future designs of Russian military vehicles by the Gojkovic Design Bureau/a Serbian concept artist Nenad Gojkovic. Nenad
is a professional concept artist specialized in prop, vehicle and architecture design for the entertainment industry. 
2 Military Hardware Cemetery

Military Hardware Cemetery

We are at a military equipment cemetery. You will find a bunch of obsolete URAL,
ZiL, and KamAZ machinery here marked with red crosses to later be written off.
3 Mines And Their Equipment

Mines And Their Equipment

The photographs posted in this report were taken for Eurocement Group in 2011 in mines of the Bryansk Region, the
Karachai-Cherkes Republic, the Belgorod Region, the Ulyanovsk Region, the Ryazan Region and the Samara Region.
5 War On The Table

War On The Table

All the models presented at the exhibition "War on the Table" at the Museum of Fine Arts located in Yekaterinburg are handmade. A lot of small details were meticulously collected
together by their authors to impress the visitors. Both adults and children will definitely get pleasure from seeing these small works of art. Some of them are inside the post.
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22 A Hardware Shop Calendar

A Hardware Shop Calendar

One Russian hardware shop sends out to his customers some calendars before the new year begins. Many shops do this but this
one, selling different hardware for home and work depicted its hardware in a really alternative way of use.

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