18 Gypsy Wedding

Gypsy Wedding

Have you ever been at a real Gypsy wedding? Today you are given such a chance! Spend one day with a Gypsy couple in Ryazan, Russia, on the day of their wedding - you will not miss a single moment being
all the way with the bride and groom from morning till night. We gonna start at the hairdresser's and finish in the house of the newly-weds where they will count the money given to them!
5 Modern Soviet Photography 1987

Modern Soviet Photography 1987

This photo exhibition travelled around the world visiting Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France. It was that popular
because it revealed what had been concealed from both people from other countries and those from the totalitarian state.
25 Where Do Modern Gypsies Live?

Where Do Modern Gypsies Live?

Gypsies are unique people. They live all around the world and consider one another as relatives. Some of them are poor, others are very rich. They never miss an opportunity to
help one another. They have a language of their own and they don't want strangers to come closer. In spite of that we'll come to know some facts about gypsies today.
Gypsy Wedding 1
37 Gypsy Wedding

Gypsy Wedding

That's how Gypsies
celebrate the wedding!
On a Visit To Gypsies 1
49 On a Visit To Gypsies

On a Visit To Gypsies

In Samarqand is an astonishing gypsies' block  and if you have a chance to be in this city you just have to visit
it! Formerly this place used to be inhabited by Jews but when they left it was settled by Gypsies.

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