Gymnastics School In St. Petersburg 2
13 Gymnastics School in St. Petersburg

Gymnastics School in St. Petersburg

Here are some photos of junior group training
at the gymnastics school in St. Petersburg.
Striptease In Bratsk 1
67 Striptease In Bratsk

Striptease In Bratsk

In Russia you can see striptease even at the opening of an ordinary computer store. In fact not only you but any teenager or children as well. And it won't
be a show in the darkness of a nightclub - it will be real striptease in the public square in the centre of the city as if it was a fair.
89 Goth Wedding in Moscow

Goth Wedding in Moscow

White wedding dresses and old traditions are left behind. Those who still believe that a bride must be like an angel, which has just come down from heaven, be ready to change your mind. Goths in Moscow will show you how to have a gorgeous
wedding and look really astonishing in quite usual settings. You won’t see any dark castles and candles in black iron candlesticks, still there is something which can make you drop your jaw and love Goths even more than before.

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