15 Fascism TV?

Fascism TV?

Just a small part of the speech of one Russian anchorman at the state
TV channels and his opinion about propoganda of homosexualism.
26 Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

Life of Same-Sex Families in Russia

One of St. Petersburg's LGBT organizations (the abbreviation formed from the first letters of the names of sexual and gender minorities - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders) has lately released a series of social advertising under the slogan "Yes, we are a couple and have common children!" Contrary to the opinion of many people, there are a lot of LGBT families
in Russia. But most of them prefer not to publicize their sexual orientation. The aim of the project is to show people, including homosexuals themselves, that gay families exist and function successfully in our society, that children grow up in love and care, that these families are as happy as the families with heterosexual parents.

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