4 Russian Catapult

Russian Catapult

This video of some Russian guys, have another kind of fun. So, a group of Russians, lead by guy named “German”, dwellers of Russian capital Moscow city, arrived to a common Russian village and started a strange project. What did they do?
They have built a big catapult or trebuchet in the middle of common Russian village, right on the snowy field, and… shot fireballs with it. They say that a price of each shot was around $120 and nobody was hurt.
11 Jump Out the University

Jump Out the University

This video is made in University of Moscow. Two guys walk through the university during the usual studying hours, chatting with some students and teachers they meet. Then they come to the library on the floor 21st and… jump
out of the window right before the shocked librarians and reading students. This incident was the investigated by police of Moscow city but they were not found now they published the video on Internet.
12 Russian Way to Swim

Russian Way to Swim

Russian way to teach
girlfriend swimming.
strange russian sculptures
8 Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Virtual Citizens of Crimea

Nobody knows who created them, but here they are, standing on the hills of Crimea. They have become a good company to take a photo with, but this doesn't explain their origin. A few groups of people stand around
one hill in Crimea, Ukraine, and nobody knows their author neither their purpose. Some of them sit around the table, some walk, some cook food, some dressed nicely and some are really scary.
10 Russian Police School

Russian Police School

We've seen already faces of Russian police in two parts. And now
we can see how do they study in Russian police school.
russian computer cake
18 Computer Cake

Computer Cake

Some people ask us to tell more about Russian cuisine. So today here we have an example of Russian cuisine made by guys from saechka.ru - the computer cake. That's a cake in a form of a real desktop without an
upper cover, so you can see all the electronic stuff and then you can taste it. These are components on pre compilation stage. You can clearly see something that would be a cooler.
russian guy rides bike whith a lot of vodka
14 Vodka Bycicling

Vodka Bycicling

It happened so that vodka topic today dominate. Well it's no surprise if you write about Russia that a lot of funny things are connected to vodka.
So this one is a prequel to the others, it explains how a person wants to drink if he carries so many bottles while riding a bycicle.
11 Flight Across The Road

Flight Across The Road

This video would continue the flying theme. Now two Russian students take a light plane and
fly across the highway insulting the drivers. This happens near Moscow city.
5 Tough Dancing

Tough Dancing

The image of a tough Russian guy from 90s is something like black cloths, black sun-glasses etc. And some such tough
Russian dance tough on dance parties. This one is also dancing, but right in the middle of the street.
18 Tank And Zaporozhets

Tank And Zaporozhets

Some Russian military engineers do sometime really weird tests. Like this one for example. A big T-90 Russian military tank attacks the smallest old Russian
car Zaporozhets. One time was not enough, it takes a second try and smashes it completely. Engineers seem to be happy. Watch yourself..

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