3 Hard To Breathe In Siberia

Hard To Breathe In Siberia

Big cities of Siberia are suffering from burining fires, the smog is
spreading far and even in America people can now observe fire sunsets...
3 The Academy In Fire

The Academy In Fire

The fire that started in the hangar spread on the next building dated 1934 - Air Force Engineering
Academy named after Zhukovsky. 47 fire departments were trying to extinguish the fire.
5 Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

Federation Tower Fire In Moscow

A fire broke out at Moscow’s Federation Tower on Monday, April 2nd. The fire was graded 4 on the 5-point complexity scale. The ignition occurred on the 67th floor of the Federation Tower, presently under construction. The blaze spread to an area of 300 square meters. 2 fire-fighting helicopters and over 80 fire engines were involved in the operation. Fire-fighters had to use  staircases to
get to the 56th floor as the tower is still under construction and there are no elevators in the building. The fire was extinguished around midnight. There is no threat of the building collapse. No one has been reportedly injured. The under-construction skyscraper is planned to be Europe’s tallest building. The tower, when completed, is to be 360 meters tall.
3 Moscow Firemen In Old Pictures

Moscow Firemen In Old Pictures

Check out this collection of old
photographs picturing Moscow firemen.
6 News From Russian Roads, Part 50

News From Russian Roads, Part 50

It's so much fun riding on a frozen lake! Please, be
careful and try to avoid making the same mistakes!
6 Fire On the Elections Day

Fire On the Elections Day

The Election Day in Astana, Kazakhstan, was marked by a fire that engulfed the new mosque Khazret Sultan.
The fire that started on January 15 was fought by January 17. It is reported that 1 person died.
18 Simple Handmade Stove

Simple Handmade Stove

If on an outing you want some fried potatoes and meat but have
no stove, you can do it by yourself! Just find a log...
7 Antiterrorism Training In Vladivostok

Antiterrorism Training In Vladivostok

These anti-terrorism maneuvers were carried out in Vladivostok. According to the scenario,
terrorists captured the ferry Eastern Bosphorus with passengers and crew members.
5 Living Under The Bridge

Living Under The Bridge

This apartment house is located in Vladivostok, just 10 meters away from the famouse Golden Horn Bridge which recently was hit by fire. As soon as the fire
broke out, firefighters began to evacuate people from the dangerous house because chances that gas cylinders could explode were too high.
6 Bridges Burnt. Literally!

Bridges Burnt. Literally!

The bridge across the Zolotoy Rog bay is a facility that will appear in Vladivostok by the APEC summit in 2012. On December, 12th, a formwork at one of the bridge's pylons
caught fire. The fire spread to the area of 500 square meters and it took almost 11 hours to extinguish it. 167 people and 38 vehicles took part in the firefighting.

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