3 Ancient Fortification Of Saint-Petersburg

Ancient Fortification Of Saint-Petersburg

21 fortresses were built in the Gulf of Finland many years ago to prevent the Russian Empire from being reached by the enemies. Today many of the fortresses are
either abandoned or deprived of their former importance. Constantine Fort is under restoration today and will be soon turned into the fortification museum.
29 Soviet Postcards From The Soviet-Finnish War

Soviet Postcards From The Soviet-Finnish War

The war between the USSR and Finland in 1939-1940 lasted only for 105 days. But both sides had great losses: several divisions disappeared for ever, thousands of people were taken prisoners or just became mad from such unbearable lives. The difficulty consisted in
the fact that it was the stern winter and many Russian soldiers had to wear only blouses. But they continued to fight because Stalin said: " There are no such fortresses that communists could not capture!" Here are postcards from those times. 
55 Secret Photos From A Finnish Defence Forces’ Safe

Secret Photos From A Finnish Defence Forces’ Safe

Sixty years on, there are no grounds to withhold images kept in a Finnish Defence Forces' safe. The dull-looking cardboard box that contains three envelopes is full of horrific images from the Winter War (1939-40) and
the Continuation War (1941-44). The box has been stored along with numerous plastic folders in a tall safe at the Finnish Defence Forces picture archives, in the Santahamina garrison in Helsinki.
Russians travel abroad
19 Russian Travel Stories 2

Russian Travel Stories 2

Three more travel stories of Russian people being popular lately on Russian Internet. First one is about the Russian tourists in Florida where they read in local travel about the law that prohibits sexual relations with a porcupine. That seemed so funny to them, that after some drinks they decided to get a live porcupine and
prove that they can break such stupid law. Their travel mates weren't sure they would manage get one, and were very surprised when guys brought a creature from somewhere and then... well then they did it. Then later that night they had flight to California, and next morning they found out that...
russian smugglers 1

19 Smugglers Car

Smugglers Car

One Russian guy has bought old Ford. He used it for some time, everything was OK but he wondered why he could fuel it up only with 7 gallons of gas instead of
15. One day he got leak in his fuel tank and decided to take it off in order to fix the leak and when what he found inside the tank surprised him:
Russian Wooden phone with a bottle opener 1

21 Russian Wooden Cellphone

Russian Wooden Cellphone

If every country had it's own type of cellphones, Russian ones could look like this. It could be made of wood - wood is cheap and is available everywhere in Russia, it has simple functions like call and bye, it would
be made in Finland cause everyone in Russia knows good phones are made in Finland (like Nokia!) and one additional option is a must - a beer bottle opener from the backside of the phone - very handy!
finnish propaganda
128 Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

Finnish Propaganda to Russian Soldiers During WW2

During World War 2 Finland was in alliance with Nazi Germany. So Russia fought against Finland too. And here we have interesting photos of Finnish propaganda. Those papers were thrown from the planes across Russian army in order to convince Soviet soldier to surrend. The content of them is really funny. Finland authorities offered things like good food and bottle of vodka to Russians. But it was not so
easy to the Soviet soldiers to accept this proposal. There were special troops that were in front of the main troops that were held with one purpose - to catch everyone who flee to Finland or any other German ally and to shot him down right on the place or throw him in a jail. So it was a tricky game. "Dear Soviet soldiers! Listen to me! I'll tell you something!"

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