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6 Sudden Operability Test For Russian Forces

Sudden Operability Test For Russian Forces

Here are some photographs of a sudden operational readiness test of the Russian
Eastern Command. Are they ready to fight? Yes, they are! Crash! Boom! Bang!
6 Kiev Situation Update

Kiev Situation Update

New pictures from Kiev, the city where the
situation is still not calming down.
0 Casual Fight For Gay Rights

Casual Fight For Gay Rights

In fact the guys who are obviously losing in this battle will be
made fun of by the whole city for a long long period of time...

8 Bat Vs Knife

Bat Vs Knife

We are not sure what exactly is happening here but a guy with a bat is seriously angry with the guy with a knife. Did you
know that bats are almost never used for sport in Russia? Yeah, they are mostly used for fighting in the streets.
Air Duels 3

16 Air Duels of MiG-29

Air Duels of MiG-29

In the end of April at the airfield "Buturlinovka" they held flying tactical training with fighters of "4+" generation MiG-29SMT
where Kursk pilots had to fight with pilots from Voronezh and the Tver region who attacked on Su-34, MiG-31 and Su-24.
38 Cruel Dog Games

Cruel Dog Games

A coming autumn will bring a season of dog fighting together with cold weather. What is your attitude to the show? Do you think it is a real must for dogs or
just another entertainment for sadists? Specialists believe dog fights are not only related to gambles but can also test combativity of an animal.
5 Fire Fighting Museum In Kiev

Fire Fighting Museum In Kiev

Have you ever been to a fire fighting museum?  Let's visit the largest fire department located in Kiev. In spite of such disadvantages as outdated equipment and acute shortage of firemen in that
city, it's necessary to mention that a museum of fire engineering is available. It doesn't contain many exhibits but those ones present reflect every stage of fire service development.
37 Battle For Commercial Power

Battle For Commercial Power

A battle between power structures belonging to different shareholders of hypermarkets network "Lenta." Two persons considered themselves to be
legal general managers and couldn't settle this conflict in a peaceful way. To convince each other they used tear-gas and smoke pellets.

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