Russian way to cook sausages 1

37 The Sausage Admin

The Sausage Admin

When Russian system administrators stay at night hacking their systems they might have an urge for some hot food, so the most fast way to get a hot sausage is to... plug it into the wall electric
outlet. Just 219 volts of pure energy makes the sausage ready in a few seconds with the LED lamps indicating how is the process going. And yes, don't do this at home, that's not safe!
30 The Ratburger

The Ratburger

Click on the video above to play. All these young Russian guys from St. Petersbburg wanted were just a couple of pizza slices and a hot dog. But it seems that
they got there too late - someone was already eating their pizza. Probably this is when reality meets movies - real Ratatotuille came to play.
Russian yoda drawings 1

48 Those Potatoes, Give Yoda

Those Potatoes, Give Yoda

Maybe some of you have seen that "Those Fries, Give
Yoda" fast food ad. This is the Russian view on it:

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