3 Communications Lines Of The Past Century

Communications Lines Of The Past Century

The Tropospheric Radio Relay network called Sever (North) is a former Soviet system of communications lines the purpose of which was to provide connection between remote parts of the country.
The line is 13 200 km long and consists of 46 Tropospheric Radio Relay Stations (TRRS) located mainly along the coast of the Northern and Pacific Ocean and largest Siberian rivers.
20 Severe Life of Chukotka

Severe Life of Chukotka

Chukotka is a Russian federal subject or an autonomous okrug located in the Far East.
Today we'll learn something very interesting about life of the Chukotka population.
22 Magnificent Evenkia

Magnificent Evenkia

Far North of Russia with all its
wild beauty is on these photos.

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