8 To Win The Chinese In Production of Electronics

To Win The Chinese In Production of Electronics

Can Russian electronics compete with the Chinese one? At the market of safety systems it is reality - more than 90% of fire detection devices and controllers for them are produced in Russia. This segment is one of the few where appeared strong companies with their own
production, development, integration, distrubution and service. That is why we go to see how these safety systems are produced at the largest and the most famous in the coutry producer that functions at the secret space research institute in Korolev.
8 Microchips For Russian Armed Forces

Microchips For Russian Armed Forces

Company 'Milandr' which is located in Zelenograd, a Russian Silicone Valley, produces electronics for Russian
world-famous weapons. This is not a secret factory with checkpoints and armed security guards... so let's check it out!
22 Eldorado Of Russian Electronics

Eldorado Of Russian Electronics

One of the major Russian electronics retailer networks is called "Eldorado". Let's pay a
visit to its giant defective goods heap and you'll understand why it was called so.

26 Old Russian Digital Watches

Old Russian Digital Watches

We had old Russian calculators from collection of Sergei Frolov, now it's turn for old Russian digital watches from his collection too. All the calculators were from one same brand -
from "ELEKTRONIKA". Same story is with those watches. They all were produced by this Elektronika company, the only vendor in Soviet Russia for consumer electronics.

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