People playing World War 2 in Russia 1

81 Playing World War 2

Playing World War 2

Role playing is hobby for some young and not so young men and women in Russia too. The storylines are different, amongst most popular are World War 2 and the War with France of 1812. This
time the photos from the WW2 simulation. Was taking place in Ekaterinburg city, and that's not something about shooting the movie - just a pure fun of dedicated people.
walking fridge boxes 1

13 Walking Fridge Boxes

Walking Fridge Boxes

One of the electronics retailers of Ekaterinburg city uses people walking in old fridge cartons as their shops ad carriers. They harass people on
streets with some stuff, people as you can see on the pictures react aggressively, often try to kick those annoying walking fridge boxes.
leonid baranov painter
12 Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov Paintings of Russian Countryside

Leonid Baranov is an artist from Ekaterinburg city who draws the modern life in Russian village. Heroes of his works look like real people from Russian countryside. He never became famous
or rich, and he prefers to drink a lot of vodka as a real Russian and doesn’t care much about the missing fame. Still in his pictures I find something attractive.
22 Russia From Space

Russia From Space

These are photos of some industrial places in Russia from GoogleEarth. Each one has a
description.  Actually this one is without description. Some industrial thing.

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