1 Eggs For a Hiker

Eggs For a Hiker

Yes, we are going to cook eggs. And we are going to do it on the fifth
highest point of the Crimea, Ukraine, on the improvised stove.
6 Would You Dare To Eat Blue Eggs?

Would You Dare To Eat Blue Eggs?

How can this be done without
artificial coloring agents? This is
18 Ants At Home!

Ants At Home!

Today you'll get a chance to see how ants live. The best way to know more about the insects is
to make them stay in an artificial ant hill that can be made without any efforts.
8 Ancient Holiday Of Easter

Ancient Holiday Of Easter

Easter, Easter day or Easter Sunday is the biggest, greatest and the most ancient holiday for all orthodox believers. According to the belief that day Jesus revived on the third day after his
crucifixion. Peoples all over the world will be celebrating this festival day, eat colored boiled eggs, sweet special cakes and feel inexpressible pride for being religious.
birds nest under the car hood 1

29 Hood Nest

Hood Nest

It turned out, that Russian birds are quite inventive and creative as Russian people as well. We've already told about the pigeon that has made a nest from short wires scattered around the
warehouse of one IT company. But this smart bird has weaved its nest and even layed eggs straight under the car hood. It's quite convenient to travel around without flying.
techno nest made from wires with eggs 1

18 Wired Eggs

Wired Eggs

One Russian IT guy has found such nest on the warehouse of his company. As he says a pigeon has made a nest from short wires scattered
around the warehouse. He was keeping his eye on this nest and one day real eggs have appeared in this wired nest. Amazing.

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