10 Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. It is brought from the country as a souvenir usually bought only by foreigners. Blogger Yaroslav
visited a place in a little town called Semenov where these wooden dolls are made and he took some curious photos that are presented inside this post.
22 Instead of a Real Baby?

Instead of a Real Baby?

Reborn baby dolls look so real that sometimes you don’t even think it is a doll! It takes them up to a year to make a doll. They are made in a sole copy and sold by auction, on the Internet and at fairs. The hobby of creating reborn baby dolls began around 1990 when doll enthusiasts wanted more realistic dolls.
Since then, an industry surrounding Reborn dolls has emerged. Depending on craftsmanship, they range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. On the Internet, there are hundreds of mummies who are crazy about Reborn babies and this is what they say about it in specialized blogs...
8 Exhibition Of Handcrafted Items

Exhibition Of Handcrafted Items

The unusual and beautiful installations were made
by designer Alik Dovbysh. How do you like them?
Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls 1
11 Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls

Soviet Posters Recreated With Barbie Dolls

These marvelous pictures have been found in HAIR'S HOW
magazine. Such a modern vision of the Soviet past.
Russian snail-house 1

19 The Mini Snail-House

The Mini Snail-House

This Russian lady from Petrozavodsk, Russia, now living at Helsinki, Finland has made this stunning mini-snail
house. The true size of the interior details can be understood looking at her fingers on the photos.
Baby Dolls Fair in St. Petersburg, Russia 1

33 Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls

These are not mother and her numerous kids, this is a "Baby Doll Fair", a strange event in St.
Petersburg, Russia where dolls of infants, toddlers and babes are widely presented and being sold.

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