3 Video Selection, Part XXIV

Video Selection, Part XXIV

Everyone needs some care. Even the most brutal worker. This is a new creative way how to
give some care to feet after a long hard working day... They gonna be smooth and soft!
17 Barbie Make-Up Works Wonders

Barbie Make-Up Works Wonders

You probably remember this Barbie girl. Her name is Valeria Lukyanova and she's from Odessa. She's become a style icon shortly. It was hard to understand that she could be real and could even breathe.
But now we understand that this alien image was the result of the girl's talent to create her own face by using make-up. On the photos below she looks like an ordinary pretty girl.
8 Assorted Russia, Part 55

Assorted Russia, Part 55

If you have no safety equipment, your friend is always there to help you. That's one
of the principles of the guest workers who are building a house in Tomsk.
15 Cute Dolls By Anna And Maria

Cute Dolls By Anna And Maria

These are dolls made by twin sisters Anna and Maria. The girls showed interest in arts
very early and at age 7, their duo 'AnyaManya' presented their first exhibition.
23 Barbie in Real Life

Barbie in Real Life

This girl likes Barbie very much. Look
yourselves. They're very much alike, aren't they?
10 The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

The VI International Doll Salon In Moscow

On the 7-10th of October, Moscow held the VI International Doll Salon. Hundreds of different dolls - babies and adults, men and women,
real people and fairy-tale characters, celebrities and even presidents - from little to human-sized, were exhibited there.
Laughing in the Face of Death 1
39 Laughing in the Face of Death

Laughing in the Face of Death

It is really weird for onlookers: decrepit old women with wild whooping shred a doll. The doll's clothes flocks and last year's straw are flying right and left and soon this all will be over.  The old women will go back home with a daubed head of the doll. According to an old popular belief they have just provided rich crop for the next year.
This is how ends a complicated ritual of Stroma's funerals that has been celebrated in Shutilovo village in Nizhny Novgorod region since the beginning of time. Each year old women dress up a doll and then they shred it and blow around in a field. They say that in the place of a doll there used to be a real man ...

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